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Apple iPod Touch 32GB Review And Specification

Apple iPod Touch 32GB
Apple iPod Touch 32GB
Apple iPod Touch 32GB
Apple iPod Touch 32GB
The most confusing thing about Apple's latest iPod hit is its colour. It's available in both dark and hoar. No, we're not being smooth - we mean it! Apart from the colour modify there's no contrariety here between the specs of the iPod hit 4th procreation from 2010, and this latest give fresh vigor to. This is certainly not the iPod hit 5th procreation that you may be looking for... Apple iPod Classic 160GB!

When the iPhone got a jar in specs with the deliver of the iPhone 4S last October we expected the specs for the iPod hit to get a jar too, but so far they have remained... not touched.

So, it's still available in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB models, the camera still takes 960x720 lower piece of a frame photos and 720p video and has an Apple A4 processor inside. In occurrence, the only other modify, apart from the colour, is that it now ships with the iOS 5 software pre-installed Apple iPod Touch 16GB.

So what's it like in hoar? Well, we could wax lyrical about how its handsome lacteal out edge makes it look like a go out of the way ice crystal prized from Superman's Fortress of Solitude, or how it's so not thick and medium of vision that it feels like you're holding a agreeable cut of the Apple iPod Touch Internet in your palm and fingers. But, well, unsurprisingly it's startlingly resembling to what it was like to use in dark.

Saying that it does look beneficial in hoar, and we wouldn't be surprised if the new colour way there are more iPod touches languishing under Christmas trees this year than there would be otherwise Apple iPod Touch 32GB.

The iPod hit row starts at £169 for the 8GB pattern, but we've found that's artlessly not enough storage to be not theoretical, especially when you consider that some video-ponderous apps from the App Store can lift so that it hangs in the air in at around 1GB each in greatness. The  32GB pattern that we're reviewing here costs £249 and there's also a 64GB iPod hit at £329.

If you harbor't looked at an iPod hit in a while because you've got an iPhone then we commend a hop to your topical Apple Store try one out because at just 7.2mm in deepness it feels noticeably thinner than an iPhone 4.

At 101 grams, compared to the iPhone 4S' 140 grams it's also noticeably lighter. The other big contrariety in arrival is its carbonized iron back. With its petty 1 it fits better in your palm and fingers than the iPhone's champaign, glass back, but has the downside that it's incredibly receptive to fingerprints, and scratches.

The only other contrariety in arrival compared with its more requiring great outlay sibling is that it lacks the iPhone's obmutescent/fastening twig and the shield. While it shares the Retna spread of the iPhone 4 and 4S (960x640-pixel decomposition at 326 pixels per twelfth part of a foot) it doesn't use IPS (entomb flat switching) which reduces the viewing divergence little and makes it look little darker than the iPhone when you put them edge by edge.

On the brow of the iPod hit you'll fall in with the same VGA camera for FaceTime chats and there are two contortion buttons on the edge and a drowse/continue awake button at the top.

So, while Apple has chosen not to update the hardware of the iPod hit this duration around, the deliver of iOS 5 way its not brief of new features. Amongst the 200 that Apple claim, iOS 5 brings iMessage, Game Centre, Notification Centre and Wi-Fi syncing.

The most exciting of these new features for iPod hit owners is iMessage, which brings texting to the contrivance for the first duration. Provided you have a Wi-Fi dependence you can cast true copy messages, photos, videos to other family with iOS 5 devices, or you can use it to bear on a talk you're having on, say, your iPhone with somebody else. The assemblage talk lightly and unceremoniously lineament is also touching.

And then there's iCloud - mark in with your Apple ID and you get passage-way to iTunes in the fog (the skill to get your harmony purchases downloaded to all your devices automatically), Photo rush (every photo you take on your iPod hit will now be uploaded to the fog and appear almost instantly on your your iCloud-joined devices) and Documents in the fog which keeps documents in iCloud-enabled apps up to epoch on all your devices.

Then there's also wireless backups and ephemeris, email and contacts syncing.

There's certainly no be destitute of of features here. And let's not let slip from the mind AirPlay either which, when combined with an Apple TV box, enables you to rush all your media from your iPod hit to vigil on your HD TV or straight to AirPlay enabled speakers in your habitation. You can even use your iPod hit as a distant mastery for your Apple TV.

Of course, iOS 5 is a independent upgrade for existing iPod hit owners too, rather than a lineament of the very latest iPod hit, and it runs fantastically well on 4th procreation iPod hit models. Apps perceive snappy and we qualified no deliberate downs or software crashes.

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