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Input Devices Of Computer

The definition of input devices is hardware that provides data to the computer. Examples of devices are computer gaming mouse, wireless mouse, keyboard (and computer keyboard stand), joystick, gamepad, and more. Buy computer components that are responsive, fast and ergonomic.
These devices include keyboards, pointing devices like a mouse or trackball, joysticks, and gamepads. Basically, anything that you can use to send information to a computer, is considered a computer input device. We'll take a look at the most common of them, and look at what's available.
At its most basic, a keyboard is an arrangement of keys (buttons). Typically the keys will have printed characters, and one key press equals one character. Keyboards can also used to send commands to the computer using single keystrokes, or multiple keys all at once.
CTRL+ALT+DEL is one example. A standard keyboard has 101 keys, but most have more, up to 130 in some cases. Make sure that you consider the ergonomics of the keyboard you select, and that you consider an ergonomic computer keyboard stand to ensure that the hours you spend on your computer don't hurt (your back, shoulder, neck, arm and wrist)! This article will take a brief look at keyboards and what to consider when buying one.
A mouse is a computer pointing device that works by detecting two dimensional movement relative to the surface it is used on. Typical mice have 2 buttons, for left and right clicking, and a scroll wheel, used for moving a page up or down. The motion of the mouse translates to a pointer on your computer screen.
Mice have evolved over the years. The first mice used wheels on the bottom that would translate to left/right and up/down. Today's mice use a laser to detect movement. I'll go over a brief history of mice, and look at the different types of mice that are available today (from wired to wireless computer mouse; from standard mice to a computer gaming mouse; and more).
Gaming Devices
Gaming Devices
Gaming Devices
As computer gaming gained popularity, many gaming devices were created to enhance your gaming experience...
  • Joysticks
  • Gamepads
  • Keyboard Gamepads

Input device An input device is any hardware device that sends data to the computer, without any input devices, a computer would only be a display device and not allow users to interact with it, much like a TV. In the picture to the right, is a Logitech trackball mouse and an example of an input device. Below is a complete listing of all the different computer input devices that can be used on a computer.

Types of input devices:
  • Audio conversion device
  • Barcode reader
  • Business Card Reader
  • Digital camera and Digital Camcorder
  • Finger (with touchscreen)
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Gamepad, Joystick, Paddle, Steering wheel, and Microsoft Kinect
  • Graphics tablet
  • Keyboard
  • Light gun and light pen scanner
  • Magnetic-stripe reader
  • Medical imaging devices (e.g., X-Ray, CAT Scan, and Ultrasound images)
  • Microphone (using speech recognition)
  • MIDI keyboard
  • MICR
  • Mouse, touchpad, or other pointing device
  • Optical Mark Reader (OMR)
  • Punch card reader
  • Remote
  • Scanner
  • Sonar imaging devices
  • Touch screen
  • Video capture device
  • VR helmet and gloves
  • Webcam

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