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Five New Features That You Should Learn About Adobe Photoshop CS6

If you are looking to enhance your photos or want to create stunning digital artwork, Adobe Photoshop is the software you need. The latest version CS6 includes five especially noteworthy features that will turn your photos into works of art. Features in the latest update include new design tools, an updated user interface, a new crop tool, improved autocorrect and the inclusion of Adobe Camera Raw 7. These five features are useful tools for photographers, digital artists and everyone else who wants or needs to edit photos and other images. If you want to learn about the many other features of Adobe Photoshop, you can also sign up for Adobe Photoshop Classes.

New Crop Tool

Picture cropping is commonly part of the process of editing digital photos. The new enhanced crop tool found in Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a noticeable improvement and allows you to crop photos with higher precision and speed than its predecessor. The Mercury Graphics Engine is what gives the crop tool in CS6 its quick and accurate results.

Improved Autocorrect

Autocorrect allows users to make simple edits to their images in a matter of seconds. A simple click of the mouse button can autocorrect curves, brightness, contrast and color levels. Sometimes, all a photo needs is a quick touchup with this tool. It's an easy to use and powerful tool that every Photoshop user should become familiar with.

Configurable User Interface

If you've had trouble with the rather dark default color scheme in recent versions of Adobe Photoshop, you'll be glad to know that you can now choose from four different gray color schemes, each with a different level of contrast.

New Text Layout and Design Tools

One improvement which graphic designers and publishing industry professionals will be especially excited about is Photoshop CS6's improved handling of text, including a Paragraph Styles feature. If you've used Adobe InDesign before, you'll remember this feature - and even if this is your first time using it, you'll appreciate how easy it is to add and fine tune text in your images.

Adobe Camera Raw 7

Adobe Camera Raw 7.2 is also included in Photoshop. This feature allows you to upload .raw and .dng format images from your digital camera and edit them, while keeping the original file intact on your camera's memory card. This feature is also incorporated into Adobe Lightroom and is very popular with professional photographers, since it allows users to work with the original image at the highest possible quality while keeping an untouched copy for archival purposes or further editing later on.


These five different features can help you do more with Adobe Photoshop CS6. If you would like to learn more about what Photoshop has to offer, you can also sign up for Adobe Photoshop Classes in your area. Instructors can teach you more about the software and features, and how you can apply them in your digital photography.

Discover how to use the special features in Adobe Photoshop CS6 Classes to design professional looking websites from an experienced professional. With VPclasses, you can learn more about this web design software through our Des Moins Adobe Photoshop CS6 Classes.

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Why Custom Rubber Molding Works Well in Medical Devices

When choosing what elements to use with rubber tubing for medical devices, there are a variety of factors to consider. It comes down to fit, color and purpose, and using medical rubber molding ideal for many products for a number of reasons. Product developers can choose the flexibility, appearance, chemical resistance and other features to make the most appropriate custom rubber molding components for their devices.

Medical rubber molding can be made to different levels in flexibility. For example, medical tubing may need to be pliant enough to roll on a spindle or rigid enough to prevent kinks and disruptions in the transfer of liquids or gases from one place to another. The custom rubber molding component needs a certain amount of flexibility in order to fulfill its purpose. This is included in the product's original design, often with assistance from an engineer. Flexibility is essential when it's important that the tubing doesn't crack or leak.

In the development of medical technology, it is necessary to consider the temperature of the exterior environment as well as the temperature of the liquids and gases traveling through the tubing. The silicone rubber used to make the components is considered stable. It can be used in very hot and very cold environments, from minus 80 degrees Celsius to 215.

Medical rubber molding is typically translucent in its appearance. It can be colored using silicone inks to change its look and enhance its function. Dark colors, such as black, may be used in the interest of obscuring the visibility of whatever is being transported through the custom rubber molding. This may be due to a lack of interest in seeing what is in the tubing or because the substance may be light sensitive. Colors can also be used be used to denote certain functions in the medical device. If there is more than one tube and it has a different purpose, colors can assist the user in making a distinction of which is which.

Chemical Resistance
Medical rubber molding components such as tubing is resistant to certain types of chemicals. When treated with special coatings on the exterior, tubing can be resistant to even more chemicals.

The ability to match a piece of medical rubber molding is critical to the functionality of the device. If it doesn't have a proper seal or the right size interior circumference, it could cause leaks and malfunctions. Using the silicone rubber manufacturing process, the exact dimensions of the component can be achieved within tolerance every time.

When choosing which materials to use for the conduction of medical devices and their components, it is always important to consider the fit, appearance and use of the component in its design.

Author writes about a variety of topics. If you would like more information about medical rubber molding, visit

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iPads - Grow Your Skills and Have FUN With iPad Lessons

Almost one quarter of American adults now own a tablet device, 52% of which are on Apple's iOS platform, and interestingly 57% of iPad owners also have an iPhone, compared to 32% who have an Android smartphone. This is according to a report by Pew Research Center [].

Tables Heating Up

The 'Tablet Wars' are definitely heating up; there is a proliferation of products seeping onto the market. Some of these are poor and others are great quality devices. It certainly appears that Apple are selling every iPad they create; there is very little inventory in most outlets.

The Apple iPad doesn't look as if it is hard-hit by the flood of Android tablets, rather the numbers show that although iPad's share of the market has dwindled, their volume has increased at an extraordinary rate - iPads still dominate.

Tablet computers are now fast playing a central part in peoples' lives, especially students where in a moment information is at their fingertips, sent electronically to their Apple iPads from the 'Global Village'. The approach every person has to an iPad and its use is different.

Interactive Teaching

Similar experiences are being shared across the nation in businesses, campuses and schools where iPads are being adopted to generate personalized lessons. Embracing this technology provides a better chance of engagement and learning.

All digital devices have the potential to replace textbooks and now the preferred option for students is to switch to an iPad rather than a laptop. Teachers can now device 'interactive' lesson plans which are accessed by students on their iPad.

Learning piano requires serious commitment to play even at a decent level. Regular daily practice is required in order to make any sort of progress and minimize the amount of relearning and reworking of techniques you have already mastered.

What compounds the problem is if you don't have easy access to a piano! However, with an iPad you will always have access to a piano keyboard in an instant.

iPad apps are quickly becoming the tutorials of choice. Students are given iPads and the aim is to create a more interactive, engaging classroom experience. Given time, it will completely revolutionize everything we do! One such iPad lesson is a piano class.

Choice Tutorials

Learning becomes simple and you can easily use your piano playing skills (at your current level) to record and share your own music, and as you progress through tutorials your playing ability improves with the results swiftly captured on your iPad.

You never know, piano lessons could be FUN, you may even learn to play like Gonzales the Grammy-nominated Canadian musician!

Lea Axby shares transformation surprises developed over the years as a Consultant and Author.

Find out more about iPad Lessons or visit the site at today!

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Ideas To Be A Good Website Designer

If you want a website to achieve success, it all boils all the way down to design. However, offered data is vast, design concepts constantly change, and the concept of "nice" alters, thus achieving a "nice" web site is not always that simple. That's why this article is here! Browse on to seek out the foremost up-to-date, effective info obtainable online.

Speed is the governing factor of the Net and it's imperative to ensure your internet web site hundreds at a quick pace. Realize that guests to your website have several options and will simply go somewhere else if your website will not load right away.

Launching your web site is simply the beginning. Your style method is much from complete. Be ready to interact with your website on an ongoing basis. Although there is no reason for you to constantly update your site, it will want to be updated on a daily basis. That's notably the case if you host videos or deal with current events. Updating your web site isn't as fast and simple as updating your blog. There is a lot of work involved.

A sensible website ought to be designed to be simple to read through. If your web site is tough to use or unattractive, folks won't stick around. Keep things straightforward and do not add unnecessary information. You don't need to frustrate or overwhelm your visitors.

Keep personal information handy in the event that it should be re-entered by a repeat visitor of your website. As an example, if somebody fills out a type using personal info, he or she should must enter that same info in once more when she goes to fill out a further form. Saving the user's info during this approach simplifies work for them, and is much appreciated by your web site visitors.

If you would like to host videos, talk to the web host to make positive that it is allowed. There are various hosts that don't allow their servers to host videos. If your host uses a public server, video files may consume too much space. Thus, it is vital to verify this beforehand.

Employing a development platform can build it easy to code your net page, however they're not necessarily reliable. When you use a platform, in theory it can give workable code to produce the website features and appearance that you simply want. Use a text editor to scale back mistakes, and additionally facilitate to find out the method for yourself.

The majority of folks are familiar with Photoshop, and for those that want to succeed with net style, they perceive they have to learn as much as they will concerning it. However, several individuals don't apprehend concerning Dreamweaver and its potential for designers. Examine this application to find out its benefits.

A well-designed website is crucial. The issue is that there is therefore a lot of information out there and it changes constantly, therefore it may be onerous to search out what you would like and to stay current. This article is filled with tips from consultants that will assist you in creating a nice website. Implement the techniques mentioned here, and start to reap the benefits of having a professional web site!

To create a site is easy. Get some cheap templates and modify them.

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Why Migrate From Windows XP To Windows 7

Reason 1: Fewer System Demands

You may fear that upgrading your Operating system now will mean you must also upgrade your hardware.

Well that may not be the case.While prior Operating Systems required a lot more memory cpu speed, Windows 7 does not suck on your system resources meaning the same Computer you have right now could perform significantly faster with Windows 7.

Reason 2: Easy To Use

You may fear that a new Operating System will mean getting learn everything from scratch all over again. Thats not true.

Windows 7 is easy to use, easy to navigate through and will take you just a few hours to get used to the new look and feel.

Reason 3: Hardware/software compatibility

You may fear having to re-install all your hardware and software drivers all over again wand finding your drivers cd to accomplish this.

With Windows 7, many of your hardware and software drivers may already be there, meaninig all you need to do is connect or install and you are ready.

if any new updates are needed Windows 7 will download them.

Reason 4: File Locations

Something that we all guilty of is saving files, music, photos in different locations and when it comes to finding them, it can be a struggle.

With Windows 7 all your files that are related are placed in one central location. this is regardless of where you initially saved them. this will make it so much easier for you when it comes to retrieving a photo or file that you may be looking for.

Reason 5: Network

You may fear that you have to setup your network connections and setup a network all over again and the time it will take is a put off for you.

Windows 7 has new features for HomeGroup networks and new features for more complex networks. It has a Network and Sharing Center which gives you options that will make connecting and setting up a netowrk easy and quick. You will also be able to share files and printers easily.

Reason 6: Recommended Standard

Since Windows 7 is the preffered choice by many, you can be sure that many Developers will turn their attention to this Operating System. this means you will get more software that will improve on this already efficient system. more technicians will turn their attention to Windows 7, therefore you will always have help at hand and will save on time.

Having Windows 7 will benefit you as an individual who has day to day needs as well as Small businesses and Big Enterprises. You will save on TIME, MONEY and will greatly increase on your PRODUCTIVITY.

Support for Windows XP is slowly thinning away dont fall be behind. Upgrade now.

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An Overview of EPOS Touch Screen Systems

You would be hard pressed to have been to a retail outlet, pharmacy or hotel bar of late and not seen one of these systems. EPOS touch screens have rapidly become a crucial gadget for small to medium establishments.

Concept and Functionality

EPOS terminals (which are usually touch screen initiated) are point of sale devices which have many different practical attributes. Physically, it ordinarily appears as a flat screen LSD. Making use of EPOS software, an EPOS touch screen, very much like other terminals, presents buttons virtually. Similar to fashionable mobile phones and touchpads, the monitor has sensors that are attentive to the operator's contact.

EPOS touch screen systems, which are sometimes identified as POS systems or tills, form a platform which can help a business enhance the way it is run. By permitting the business manager to have a more proficient grasp on many tasks, they offer an attractive degree of control. Choices are twofold: embedded or computer-based.

Two Different Options


Embedded systems are ideal for the likes of bars and restaurants - that is, businesses which have superior products and need as quick a service as possible. This kind of EPOS touch screen is designed to work on personal computer based networks or on computers networked together. These embedded terminals will include a touch screen and operator keyboard, that allow products to be sold just by pressing a virtual button.

These type of systems are, as a rule, supported by a back-end network - although they can be manually installed. Businesses can really take advantage of the features of this alternative, as it has the opportunity to efficiently control stock, pricing and a host of reports.

Another selling point of the embedded system is that it can improve the billing process and card devices, and, furthermore, offer other useful integrated attributes - CCTV, for example. These kind of POS systems are often a selection of many for its sturdiness. They are a lot less prone to overheating, data corruption, viruses and hacking because they're not computer based. Plus, these systems can run without much maintenance and, because of this, are very energy efficient.


EPOS touch screen devices that are computer based often appear as an all-in-one point of sale unit designed with a more increased speed. In addition, they tend to be more user-friendly. Because they're much more compact, these systems can be easily put on walls - that is, including the accompanying devices such as credit card machines and any relevant advertisement.

If you wish to run several different applications on the same machine - together - then a computer based system is by far and away the best preference. Because of this, this option is best if you need the device to run a business like a hotel or restaurant.

A big advantage of this system is that it has a lot of software and system options, so that you can adapt it to match your own business requirements.

David Duncan is the sales director at EPOS Now. Based in the UK, this market-leading company provide great-value EPOS touch screen terminals in addition to complete EPOS solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors.

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How to Properly Optimise Your System

So, after defragging your hard drive and deleting unwanted files, your computer is still running slow and you're now wondering what options you have left. Well, to answer your question, I'd say it depends on your situation. If you have a system that is running Windows Vista or Windows 7, then you'll have more options available to you in way of optimising your system. The bad news is that it's likely that your system is infected with malware that you picked up while surfing the internet.

Malware comes in so many different forms, such as spyware, worms, Trojan horses; all of them are just as harmful as the other. You'll find many programs out there that claim to be able to rid your system of malware. You can also find freeware programs that also make the same claim. If when you check your task manager you see certain processes running in the background, but you're unfamiliar with what they are, or you see a lot of pop-ups on your computer, then malware is the likely culprit.

Buying a removal tool is definitely your best option in this situation. Bit Defender, Norton and McAfee are amongst the most well known applications for the removal of these types of files, so they are the first tools you should look at. If you don't have the money to buy these applications, then you can go the freeware route, though it'll lack the efficiency.

Spybot is a freeware program developed by Safer Networking Limited. To find it, just do a Google search on the product name, it shouldn't be hard to locate and download. Installing it is a very simple process, and once it's loaded up, running it requires a simple mouse click.

Once you have run one of these programs to remove the more potent threat to your computers integrity, for those of you on Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines, you have another option that you can deploy. If you have at least 4GB of RAM or a flash drive, then you can use that to boost your system performance. Simply put a blank flash drive into your system, then click on the computer icon, and then right click and select flash drive. You should find a tab that is called ReadyBoost, click on that. Then click on the radio button besides 'use this device' and click on apply and OK.

Doing this should have a noticeable impact on the performance of your system. By regularly maintaining your system, keeping malware files off it, you will ensure that it runs optimally for many years to come.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye has been writing articles online for many years now. For information on electronic gadgets and computers, including any questions that you may want answered, advice on specific products and recommendations, check out his latest websites kindle keyboard 3g and using windows system restore

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Two Basic Skills Required In Application Development For Mobile Platforms

Being successful in application development for mobile platforms will require you to be in possession of two skills which are considered to be essential. They are very important, whether you are developing these applications with the intention of landing a mobile application development job or you are planning on selling these apps directly.

To ensure your success in the field of mobile platform application development, it is important that you have some of what is known as object-oriented programming skills. Coding of many of the mobile applications that are being developed these days is done in the language known as Java. As far as object-oriented programming languages go, Java is one of the most popular ones. A full grasp of object oriented programming is required so you can fully internalize the Java language and start coding. But it is not unheard of to find people who gain familiarity of object oriented programming by getting acquainted with Java first.

But this is actually an extremely steep learning curve. Mastery and command of object oriented programming concepts is a must if you want to get started on successfully creating mobile applications. But there are also other programming languages that are being used in mobile application development. You'd be wrong to think it's just Java that is being used. But no matter what programming language is used in developing the mobile applications, it is still important for the application developer to possess object oriented programming skills.

The second type of basic essential skills you must have, in order to succeed in application development for mobile platforms is that of solid graphic design skills. It is not enough that you concentrate on the coding of the mobile applications you are working on. Make sure you also make their front-end interfaces eye-catching and appealing enough. For you to do this, you need to have good graphic design skills. Even if you aren't a talented graphic design artist, you need to have some sense in this area. Mobile application development would be most likely to turn into an ordeal on your part if you do not have any graphic skills at all, not even if you have the necessary skills in object oriented programming.

People with ample object oriented programming skills and good graphic design skills are in a better position to come up with successful applications developed for mobile platforms. Aside from these two, there are other, more advanced skills that would benefit the entire mobile application development process. Marketing skills, for instances, are highly important when it comes time for you to start selling the mobile applications you have developed. If you do not have an idea what app to develop, you could start by looking at your target market and figuring out what they need or want. Market data gathering skills would come in handy at this point. True, these skills are not technical or not even the core skills required in mobile application development. The graphic design of the application's interfaces, as well as the coding or programming language used, are those that make up the core technical skills developers need. That is why skills in object oriented programming and graphic design are considered to be the basic and most important skills that anyone should have if they hope to succeed in developing applications for mobile platforms.

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Increase Job Productivity With Computer Training

Computers are used for virtually every task today. We use our computers for analysing, storing and disseminating data on our systems. One aspect of our computers that is of great importance is its access to the internet.

Computer training will improve your efficiency

By the time we reach the age of maturity, we should have at least a basic understanding of computers. But going that little bit further to understand exactly how a computer system works, can make us far more efficient as a professional, student, or designer. It also opens up a number of opportunities for us, especially in way of employment.

Why you should consider computer training

It will enhance your overall perspective on life. Almost all work that is done in a corporate office is done on a computer system. With the number of companies that are computerising, recruiters expect people to have at least a basic knowledge of computers.

How can computer training be useful for you?

When working in a corporate setting, in addition to various other types of jobs, there are many interviews, meetings, and discussions that happen regularly. Instead of presenting your data in a manual way, which would take you longer than it should, a computer could be used, which is a more efficient way of say, presenting a presentation.

If a person has a more in-depth understanding of the way computers work, then he or she will be more employable, compared to barely computer literate people. It will also help you if you are required to do a presentation on a particular topic. You won't have to write everything down manually. All your information can also be saved for future references. It's the most effective and efficient way of doing it, hence the reason why training is so important.

The better prospect

When it comes to the interview stage, the person that has a higher understanding of computer systems will be the more preferred person over all others.

A requirement for all occupations

Whether you work as a teacher, stockholder, accountant, trader or even a farmer, you will need to have some understanding of computers. Knowing how to properly use one can have positive effects on the productivity of your job.

Dynamism and creativity

When you've undertaken computer training, it will definitely add a certain amount of dynamism and creativity to your existing personality. If you are already a graphic designer for example, then it may help you in your occupation, as you'll learn about other applications that you can use.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye has been writing articles online for many years now. For information on electronic gadgets and computers, including any questions that you may want answered, advice on specific products and recommendations, check out his latest websites Kindle 4 + wifi and fixing blue screen of death

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Advantages of an Online EPOS Retail System

For retailers with many branches located in different cities, an POS retail system provides a fast way to centralize sales data processing. An EPOS retail system links sales terminals across various outlets to the main office or server. Internet communication allows for less expensive setup and simpler way to run multiple EPOS sites. It also provides the advantages of real time data integration to update back-office accounting databases.

Fast-growing retail chains should use online EPOS solutions to better manage their new stores and consolidate data from several locations. Single point transaction application is made more effective and more secure by Internet-based EPOS systems. EPOS systems can also function even in off-line mode so that retailers can continue their sales transactions even during Internet downtime. Online EPOS system allows for fast cashier turnover by enabling retailers to easily manage multiple tills, thus reducing errors and complicated procedures that can cause delays. Bar-code reading and security enhancement can easily be standardized across multiple stores with the use of online point-of-sale system.

Small and medium businesses can have the cost benefits enjoyed by large companies that use EPOS solutions. The scalability of online technology makes it possible for SMBs to maximize their available software and hardware resources to supervise point-of-sale transactions in multiple locations. The online component of EPOS allows companies to manage their inventory and allocate supplies in real time. Fewer mistakes are made and less workforce is needed when consolidating and analyzing point-of-sale data through an EPOS retail system. It can be installed at a single site where data from all outlets will be sent. This makes the software component of online EPOS more affordable.

Software-as-service EPOS solution can also offer more data security. An EPOS retail system requires complete installation per POS machine. This makes the retailer the sole administrator of the EPOS system. Retail companies are not as adept as IT companies when it comes to database security. Through online EPOS service, retailers can run POS applications hosted in secure servers maintained by the EPOS system developer. This can save retailers thousands of dollars in terms of manpower and IT related expenses. Online EPOS solutions are highly scalable, which means that a new outlet can easily receive an EPOS system support via Internet. There is no need for another round of software installation. Data can be easily shared across store outlets. Product and customer data can be updated across all sites that share this information. This makes inventory control, accounting and decision making more efficient. In addition, new updates can be easily deployed.

During peak seasons, retailers need to access real-time sales data from various stores. Owners do not have to wait for days to get a consolidated report. With online EPOS retail system, retailers can easily compare the performance of several stores and assess the sales of in-demand items at any given time. Since the business analysts of most retail companies usually hold office in the main branch or headquarters, an online EPOS system serves as an efficient analytic tool for stores with many outlets.

David Duncan is the sales director at EPOS Now. Based in the UK, this market-leading company provide great-value EPOS retail systems in addition to complete EPOS solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors.

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Adding Remote Control Switches for Safety and Convenience

Remote control switches are helpful for a variety of devices. When designing or redesigning electronic equipment, adding a remote control system can significantly change the convenience and safety factors. When given an opportunity to use a separate hand control, most consumers prefer it over manual controls. One option is to add printed rubber keypads to the design for clarity. Custom keypads can improve the usability of products for consumers and workers. These devices can also modernize and upgrade older machinery and devices with some minor adjustments to the circuitry.

Remote controls can increase safety for electronic equipment users through the use of custom keypads. For large electronic devices and machines, a remote gives the user a longer distance from moving parts, electricity, heat and other dangers. By adding a remote custom keypad, the user can take control of the equipment for starting and stopping. This is especially helpful in an emergency situation. Heavy equipment may have dangers in the immediate vicinity of the power switches. When it's necessary to service the equipment or adjust its settings, a custom keypad gives the user options.

For dimply lit areas, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses and automated bays, a backlit rubber keypad makes it easier to see which button does what. This helps the user to find the switch for the right function. Backlighting can be used on specific areas of the remote control pad or it can illuminate every key. Also important for custom keypads is the use of color. Using standard colors such as red for stop and green for start can simplify the process. Colored keypads are generally easier to see than those outfitted in black and white. Printing should be in a contrasting color for easier visibility.

When considering adding remote control rubber keypads to a design, keep in mind the intended use of the product. For something located far away from the user, a hand-held rubber keypad is quite practical. The consumer has become accustomed to products with remote controls attached. When rubber keypads are properly labeled, they can eliminate the process of approaching electronic equipment. For someone sitting down to work for several hours or working in a separate area from the equipment, this also saves considerable time.

When choosing which features of an electronic device should be activated by a separate controller, consider the simple actions of turning it on and off, adjusting the movement direction, speed and lighting. The rubber keypad should be clearly labeled and usable within a fair distance from the electronic component.

Author writes about a variety of topics. If you would like more information about backlit rubber keypad, visit

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Disability Becomes Ability

Disabilities rob people of the ability to perform regular, everyday tasks and it's not their choice. Disabilities are difficult to deal with but people who are disabled deserve the same opportunities as everyone else. Yes, they require more work and training to overcome, but they can be overcome and people with disabilities have the same potential to thrive in the workplace as anyone else.

Specific technologies are available to enable disabled workers to conduct duties at work with more fluidity and ease. Companies specialize in the creation and development of technology that helps disabled people overcome barriers and allows them to work just as hard as fellow coworkers. These technological advances are truly smart, innovative and new, and they help employees work together as cohesive units.

So, who is helped through this technology?

-People who are visually impaired or completely blind can find relief with brail reading technology. Specific units have been created that make reading with brail easy and connected. These units can connect to so many devices and allow the reader to experience documents and other notes like never before. Also, note taking and document transcription can occur from the use of these devices.

-People who hearing impaired or completely deaf will find solutions for the workplace. Hearing disabilities require a different type of technology and techniques. Many barriers can be overcome through the use of sign language and text. Employees can communicate through the use of text documents, emails and other messaging systems that are typically found in the workplace.

Disabilities are tough to live with at times but the people who are disciplined and work hard to overcome the situation are the ones who prevail and find pleasure in their work. Every disabled person is entitled to the same dreams and aspirations as someone without that disability and it requires cooperation by everyone.

Managers, bosses and coworkers are learning how to interact with people who have disabilities and become great working teams. Through training and the use of technology, people can receive the help they need and become part of a great business or organization.

Companies work hard to provide solutions for those who need extra help to perform tasks. These companies develop great solutions through the use of technology to enable disabled people to have the same opportunities as others and develop careers of their own. It's all about providing solutions to the disability and learning to overcome any barriers.

Don't let a disability stop you from having a great career. TCS Associates has created wonderful technology to help people with disabilities work hard in any field. The technology is truly revolutionary and intuitive and can be found at

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What Is Java And Why Should You Learn It?

In the computing industry, being able to use Java is a crucial skill. Java is a programming language used to make interactive content for webpages, stand-alone software, and server-side programs. The Java platform is the invisible force behind numerous apps we use in a variety of equipment, from personal computers to game consoles, as well as networks. Today, it is used by approximately 9 million software designers, and millions of end-users worldwide. Java is truly everywhere. 1 billion desktops and 3 billion cellular phones run Java. At the same time, 100% of Blu-ray players run this program. There are also more than 900 million Java runtime environment downloads annually.

History of Java platform

Java technology was created by James gosling, along with a small group of software engineers at Sun Microsystems in the early 90's. The team had the belief that the next phase of computing was the union of electronic gadgets and users. Earlier on in this programming language's development, Java was named differently, specifically Oak and subsequently Green. The Java language project was initially designed for interactive television, but back then it was too complex for existing digital cable systems. By 1995, Sun Microsystems introduced Java 1.0, and the company promoted it as a Write Once, Run Anywhere computing language. This implies that, Java applications can be created on any device, compiled as a standard bytecode, and run on any device that is loaded with a Java virtual machine.

Why software designers make use of Java

Through Java, software designers can write in one platform and be guaranteed that it will run on virtually any other platform. Apart from its cross-platform benefits, it is also efficient, secure, and portable, making it invaluable to developers. Using this programming language, software builders can create powerful and efficient software for a number of devices like set-top boxes, printers, peripheral devices for computers, video games, medical equipment, and so much more. It can also be used along with extensions like OSGi or CORBA to produce highly customized software or services.

Ways to learn Java

If you are interested to learn Java, there are many colleges and universities that are offering courses in this language. You can also develop your skills by browsing articles added to Oracle's Java developer website, being a member in online Java forums, newsletters, and signing up for instructor-led courses available on the Internet. Additionally, there are a lot of books you can use to learn Java. With so many alternatives to learn Java, there is high chance that you can find one that matches your requirements.

If you are interested in developing programs across various platforms, learning java tutorials can help you do just that. There are various learning options, which can make it difficult to choose; however, it can also mean having a better chance of finding a program that suits your preferences and needs.

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Is Windows 8 Good for Productivity?

File History

File history is a novel addition to the Windows software, it creates backups of files each hour (or what ever time setting you choose), to any external drive, or even server. You could compare it to Mac OS X's Time Machine. The most advantageous thing in terms of productivity is the fact that it creates 'versions', different save files which you can easily restore with a simple click. You know what this means right? No more accidentally overwriting that project you've been working away at for the last 2 months!

Microsoft have undoubtedly spent a lot of their time in ensuring that File History does not eat up resources, and that it only just backs up while nothing else is running.

Although this isn't the most perfected feature in Windows 8, it's definitely something that I'd encourage you to use, particularly if you work on a wide variety of projects that take a range of days to complete.

Boot Time

This may be quite self explanatory, but the boot time of Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 is tremendously significant, 50%+ faster than Windows 7. This video pretty much explains all of it.

Multiple Monitor Improvement

Another great addition to Windows 8 is the increased support for multiple monitors. Everybody knows that having two or more displays can increase productivity tenfold, and so now it's even better.

In Windows 8 you can have the task-bar on both screens, meaning you don't have to continuously go back to your primary screen in order to open an application or program, this can be easier to open certain programs or files in the screen you want them to be seen instead of dragging it over. Windows 8 also accommodates edge detection, meaning you are able to open charms on any screen without having to worry about your mouse jumping over to the next screen due it being on an inside edge (edge underneath or next to another screen).

App Pinning

Provided you're using native Windows 8 apps, there's the ability to pin them to either side of the screen. This is excellent if you're only using one particular screen, or just want to make the most of your work-space. I've found that pinning applications like 'Mail' and 'Messaging' are great and help with productivity (it's not necessary to open different Windows).

All things considered, I think that Windows 8 gives a significant increase in general productivity, in saying that, if you're completely happy and content with Windows 7 - then you may as well just stay with it until you feel like upgrading.

Do you know of anything that you think boosts productivity in Windows 8? If so, comment below!

Sam Matla is the author of Minimal Blog, a blog about productivity, health, minimalism and more.

If you liked this article, check out the website and come join me on the journey towards simple living today!

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Speed Up My PC - Secrets The Computer Companies Don't Want You To Know

For less than one-hundred dollars I was able to take my piece of junk, five-year old computer and make it fast again. The good news is, it is so easy that anyone can do it.

There are four factors that greatly affect PC speed:

1. Computer processor speed (more expensive to upgrade, and not for beginners)

2. Random Access Memory (RAM; this is cheap to upgrade and installation is child's play)

3. Hard drive speed (Cheap to upgrade, very easy to install)

4. Software performance issues (Cheap and easy to fix)

Computer Processor Speed

Your processor speed is determined by your CPU. This is a tiny square chip that is directly inserted into your motherboard. If you open the side of your PC you will not see it because it will be hidden underneath a heat sink and fan.

CPUs are not the most difficult thing to replace, but you need to make sure that you buy the right one for your motherboard. Not just any CPU chip will work, it has to be supported.

If you already have the best CPU that your motherboard supports, then you need to upgrade to a new motherboard that supports higher end processors. This makes the job more complex and you are basically buying a new computer at this point.

The good news is, you can find great deals on CPU's and motherboards online and get a much better price than if you visited your local computer store.

Random Access Memory

RAM is great because it has a huge affect on overall PC performance, but is dirt cheap to buy. For applications these days I would settle for nothing less than 8 gigs of RAM, but I'm a power user. For the regular person who just wants to open documents and spreadsheets faster, 4 gigs should be enough.

Installation is super easy. Just pop off the side of your case and you will be able to see these long rectangular chips that are inserted into these plastic slots on your motherboard. Just release the clips on each side of the chip, and it will pop right out. Then you just insert the new chip into the board and you're done.

Hard drive speed

Hard drive speed greatly affects PC performance because before a file can be opened it must first be located. This is what the hard drive does. The faster it can locate a file, the faster Windows can start opening it.

Solid state hard drives are the newest thing these days, and will be further refined to run even faster. They can boot up your PC in less than 15 seconds, and don't seem to crash or freeze nearly as much as the spinning hard drives.

Hard drives are cheap to buy, and generally go around.25 cents a gigabyte these days, but it all depends on where you are located and what kind of deals you can get.

Installation is easy, just plug two cables into the back of the hard drive and you're good to go.

Software performance issues

I can't stress this one enough. It is the cause for so much frustration and it is one of the easiest to fix.

If you don't regularly maintain your computer, of course it will lose its' performance over time. This is because a computer is much like a car, and needs to be taken care of to run at maximum performance.

This means you need to run maintenance upkeep tasks such as:

-Defragmenting your hard drive

-Scanning your computer for viruses (AVG is a free anti-virus scanner)

-Cleaning your temp files, internet cache, and other junk.

-Going through your start up programs monthly, and disabling the ones you don't use.

-Scanning your computer for registry errors, and fixing them immediately.

These are just a few simple tricks that will allow you to make your PC run like the first day you bought it. You don't need to run out to the store and buy a computer every five years, simple maintenance is all that is required.

An excellent free registry cleaner I would recommend is Winzip registry optimizer. It will scan your computer for free and let you know if there are any PC performance issues caused by corrupted registry keys. Give your computer a free scan here.

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SIP Trunking Questions Answered

SIP is the acronym for Session Initiation Protocol. It is a media used to transmit audio data through the Internet. The SIP trunking media uses ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Providers) to deliver telephone services and unified communication. The media links PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to a telephone network.

Q: What Would I Gain?

Calls are cheaper when one utilizes the service. The equipment or infrastructure needed is also cheap and no integration on telecom circuits is necessary. Traditional lines and physical wires will no longer be needed as the trunk service provider provides connectivity.

For businesses, a trunk service provider can help you determine how much you can save by using this feature if you give them your current phone bill. This would give them such details as number of calls made, when and destination (internal or external), as well as call durations. Taking all these details into account an estimate figure can be determined.

For consumers with standard Internet connections the quality of your signal may not be as good, but the rates will still be cheaper.

Q: Are SIP Trunking and PBX Compatible?

Once your PBX understands the signal of your Session Initial Protocol trunk then the two will be well suited and work with no problems.

Q: How Should I Select Which Trunk Service Provider to Use?

For businesses, an Session Initial Protocol trunk provider with multiple telecoms carriers that offers 24/7 business class services is the best option.

Q: What is the Length of Time Needed to Switch?

When switching to Session Initial Protocol the Internet connection for 30 channels and less should get to 2mbps and for those greater than that Internet connection of 10mbps, that is as long as the switching will take.

Q: What is the SIP Trunking Call Quality Like?

The quality of calls is similar to that of your phone service and may be often better. The media should be properly connected so that no latency or packet loss is experienced that would affect call quality.

Q: Can It Give Reliable Business-Class Service?

You will need to have an Internet connection and preferably ISDN30 circuit to ensure good quality of calls. The network should enable you to connect your service provider and PBX with minimal packet loss, low jitter and minimum latency for clear calls.

Q: Are there Big Companies that are Using this Service?

Yes, there are. Companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Siemens, Cisco, Mitel, Verizon, Panasonic and Avaya use this medium. There is an increase in businesses with switching to SIP from ISDN.

Know and understand how PBX and SIP trunking works. Get more information on the benefits of it and VoIP networks to your business and learn how it can save you money.

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4 Things You Should Know About Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Citrix consultants and other virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI consultancy professionals are very much in demand right now because a lot of businesses are looking to virtualize their desktops.

If you are looking for Citrix consultants to help you with your virtualization efforts, it is important to know more about VDI so that you would know what skills, characteristics and traits to look for in them.

These are the things that everybody interested in virtualization and VDI, not just VDI consultancy professionals, should know about.

1. What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Coined by VMWare, Inc., virtual desktop infrastructure is when you host a desktop operating system and applications on a virtual machine located on a centralised, remote or hosted server. It is a form of server-based computing.

With VDI, desktops are made mobile and become accessible to the user, whether he or she is accessing this on his or her laptop, tablet, smartphone and other client devices. It is served to different clients through the company's network or via the Internet.

2. VDI enables you to have workplace mobility.

· Supports the BYOD trend. A growing trend among employees nowadays is that they want to use their own devices when working. They are more familiar with their iPhones rather than the BlackBerries that the company wants them to use. VDI makes it possible to work with Linux or Windows computers, iOS devices, Android devices and others.

· Work anywhere, anytime. You do not have to be in the office in order to access the files you have on your desktop. With VDI, you can get to your files and your desktop no matter where you are.

3. VDI frees up your IT staff for more strategic tasks.

· VDI gives better security. VDI drastically improves the security for your data and network. VDI allows your IT department to set up centralized control over your applications, data and network. They can also use policy-based controls. Your IT staff can also have one central point to install malware and virus protection, install software patches and other upgrades.

· Your IT staff has lesser user-side problems to address. Because users are using their own devices, they would be more familiar with it and would not need help in troubleshooting it. The centralised control of clients also helps your users have higher desktop reliability, which translates to lesser problems. This can effectively free up your IT staff to do more important work.

4. VDI helps you save.

· You would have lesser need for more expensive, powerful and new computers. With VDI most of the computing work is done on a server, so you do not need to have powerful computers for just about everyone on your team. Not only do you get to save money from avoiding expensive and powerful computers, this also means a longer operating life for the machines that you buy.

· More cost savings in the long run. There are a lot of indirect cost savings from opting for VDI. For example, VDI allowing your employees to work anywhere can help increase their productivity. It also allows your employees to continue working in case of disastrous events that might bring your office to shut down or prevent them from coming to work. Having a flexible environment would also mean higher employee engagement, saving you from the costs associated with having to recruit and train new staff.

With this knowledge, you would be able to justify getting Citrix consultants and other VDI consultancy professionals for your company to work with.

Netpros is a UK-based IT company that specializes in VDI consultancy. It has over 19 years hands on experience of delivering end to end IT Services and virtualization solutions to SMEs. The company has a team of highly skilled technical architects and Citrix consultants. Netpros has the expertise to deliver virtual desktops and can help you make the most of this important new technology by integrating it seamlessly into your business. Moving your desktop into centralized and virtualized environment may sound like a big step, but once you've taken it you'll never look back.

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Some Important Factors To Bear In Mind Before Choosing LED Lighting Fixture For Your Aquarium

Aquariums add a measure of novel touch of nature to any indoor space whether in the home or in a business premises. The more realistic the appearance of your aquarium, the greater the effect will be for those who view your fixture. Here are some important considerations to have in mind before choosing any Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting solution for your aquarium.

You will need to make a choice between higher energy versus reduced energy power options. High powered LEDs have a single LED chip with power option of 1 to 5 watts and they give off heat which needs to be dissipated. They have a higher ratio of lumens to watts. Reduced energy LEDs are made of many tiny diodes, typically 5 millimeter ones. There is no need to for a heat sink as they generate negligible extra heat.

It is also important to verify the Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) of your illuminating option. CRI is a quantitative measure of the fixture's capacity to reproduce the natural color of various objects it illuminates compared to perfect natural light. As a standard, do not go for any lighting option that gives a CRI that is less than 70.

For even more performance guarantees, make distinction between lighting fixtures that are UL Compliant and those which are UL Listed. The Underwriters Laboratories is the leading global certifying organization in safety and sustainability, their mark of approval is a guarantee that the fixture conforms to the best standards in the industry. Some companies may indicate their products as UL compliant which only means they have been manufactured following guidelines set by UL but this is not the same as passing the stringent compliance tests set by the Underwriters Laboratories.

Before buying any LED lighting solution for your aquarium, look for the lumen output specification. Lumens are units used to indicate the quantity of light emitted by a source of light such as a bulb. The higher the lumen value attached to a certain fixture, the brighter it is. Remember that brighter is not always the most ideal consideration as you may be looking for the option that gives subtle light effect.

When it comes to achieving a custom interior decoration idea, nothing comes quite close to tropical fish aquariums. The most workable options will depend on the choices made in selecting LED aquarium lighting fixtures. While performance is an important consideration, so are safety and quality assurance as illustrated above.

If you are looking for quality LED aquarium lighting and supplies check out Aqualigion. You can sign up for special offers when you visit us at today.

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Colocation Pricing Explained

The best way for a company to generate a profit is by reducing costs. One of the major expenses incurred by companies these days is that of Information Technology (IT). The use of IT has made operations more efficient than ever before. However, it has also forced companies to bear significant increases in costs. However, companies now have cost effective options for their It solutions. Colocation services have completely changed the game.

Colocation facilities provide companies with equipment and data storage for a contracted monthly expense. The equipment primarily consists of servers, which are connected to a high speed Internet connection. Data is then transmitted via this connection.

Therefore, the two main areas of that determine colocation pricing are server space and bandwidth.

Defining Colocation Pricing Factors

Expense is one of the major driving factors behind the popularity of colocation facilities. The expense of creating and maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure certainly drives many companies to colocation. Basically, colocation lowers infrastructural costs and improves reliability of the IT infrastructure of a company. Nevertheless, there are two costs to consider when analyzing colocation pricing.

Rental Costs

These expenses are related to the actual hosting of servers at a facility. Servers are stored in racks at colocation facilities. Colocation charge a fee for the amount of rack space a company's IT equipment uses.

Rack space is measured in 'U' units. Each U unit is equal to 1.75 inches. A U unit is used to measure the amount of vertical space taken up by a server. The normal requirements of any company amount to about 40U or 42U. Every colocation facility has a different rate for each U unit. The formula used is simple. The total number of U units is multiplied by the rate being charged by the colocation facility. That rate can be affected by many factors, including cooling and fire suppression systems that protect the racks. It would be wise for a company to ask about these systems, as well as others used to control the server environment. Quality colocation centers will offer the top of the line in all of these areas. This may raise costs, but reducing the risk of server damage is priceless.

High Speed Internet Connection Costs

This is the cost of Internet connectivity and bandwidth. Companies utilize an Internet connection to remain in touch with their equipment 24/7/365. This also ensures the client's customers will have constant connect to its websites, etc. When connection is maintained in-house, bandwidth can be quite expensive.

Colocation pricing related to bandwidth rates is a much cheaper alternative. Bandwidth is the total amount of network usage. Colocation facilities charge each client according to the total usage per month, or how much data is transmitted. For instance, bandwidth can be equal to 2 Mbps. However, colocation facilities also tend to use an average value rather than the exact value of the bandwidth provided.

There are some providers who will just calculate the total bandwidth usage, and then divide it by the total number of seconds per client.

There are also some providers that use a different system, which is known as the 95th percentile method. According to this system, bandwidth usage is recorded every five minutes rather than every second. At the end of the month when total usage is being calculated, the top 5% of the readings are removed. The bandwidth reading that is the highest is then used to calculate the bill of the user. This allows the user to occasionally "burst" beyond the usual usage without paying for it but still is beneficial for the colocation provider.

When considering colocation pricing associated with a particular provider, it is a good idea to consider the above factors. Providers will often offer several pricing options, so it is best to do research before signing a contract. However, providers can offer good rates because it uses multiple carriers and spread costs across all its customers.

George Baylor believes there are many factors to consider when evaluating colocation pricing. His articles educate readers about the features that set different data centers apart. Learning how those features dramatically impact cost allows readers to determine whether the provider is worth the price.

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Citrix HDX SmartAccess in Plain English

HDX or High Definition User Experience is central to Citrix Workforce Mobility and virtualisation products. The company aims to give users optimum experience with high definition multimedia, voice, video and graphics.

Those using Citrix remote working solutions are guaranteed that they will be given the best experience no matter what device they are using. It is just like sitting in front of your office computer. This entails striking a balance between bandwidth and performance, so even if you are working with high latency or low bandwidth Internet connection, there are no performance problems.

This is the reason why Citrix has different technologies that ensures seamless mobile experience. Citrix workforce mobility technologies include:
HDX Media Stream, which gives you the best multimedia experience.HDX RealTime, which allows you to broadcast and receive both voice and video in real time.HDX Broadcast, which optimises delivery of voice and video over any network.HDX Plug n Play, which allows you to access peripherals simply and easily.HDX RichGraphics with RemoteFX, which gives you high performance and high quality graphics.HDX WAN Optimization, which optimizes your bandwidth and performance.HDX Adaptive Orchestration, which maximizes the resources of your server, network and end user points.

But when it comes to Citrix Remote Working solutions, nothing tops Citrix HDX SmartAccess.

With HDX SmartAccess, end users can access their applications and desktop anytime and anywhere, using any device, including desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops and even kiosks. What's more, users do not have to remember a lot of passwords or go through numerous authentication prompts because of its single sign on feature.

How does it work?

SmartAccess uses Citrix Access Gateway products, which is offered as a virtual or physical appliance. The Citrix Access Gateway allows your employees to access your network securely via a SSL VPN tunnel.

IT personnel can set up different access options and security policies with Access Gateway. When an end user connects to the server or network, the device is scanned and SmartAccess ensures that it meets the security policies that are set for it. Depending on how the device meets the set policies, it will be granted full or partial access. For example, if everything is okay, the user is granted access to the applications and desktops that the user wishes to access. But for example, if the user is using a public computer in an Internet cafe or kiosk, he or she will only be granted specific access and may not be able to download files or use certain applications.

This means that IT has full control as to how you could access your desktop. If you use a device that is less than secure, you will have limited access to lessen the security risks. However, end users will still have enough access to be able to do their work, no matter where they are and what device they are using. In short, SmartAccess can help you better manage your Citrix Workforce Mobility and Citrix Remote Working solutions by giving your users a better experience while also helping your IT personnel keep control.

Netpros is a UK-based IT company that specializes in Citrix remote working. It has over 19 years hands on experience of delivering end to end IT Services and virtualization solutions to SMEs. The company has a team of highly skilled technical architects and Citrix consultants. Netpros has the expertise to deliver Citrix workforce mobility and can help you make the most of this important new technology by integrating it seamlessly into your business. Moving your desktop into centralized and virtualized environment may sound like a big step, but once you've taken it you'll never look back.

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Information About Internet, Internet Services, Web Browsers and Their Uses

What Is the Internet?

The internet is a very large network connecting computers all over the world. Using the internet, you can access information from computers all over the world right at your home. The internet is, in fact, a huge encyclopedia of information. You can find information on any topic of your choice. Today, there are millions of people using the internet.

How the Internet Works

The transfer of data over the internet happens in a similar manner. The data is broken into small pieces of similar size called packets. The address of the source and the destination are then added to each packet. On the way, the packets are received by routers, which act like postal delivery people. A router reads the address on a packet and sends the packet to the destination through the best possible path. The packets may take different paths to reach the destination. The packets are examined at the destination point.

If any packet is missing or damaged, a massage is sent to the sender requesting the packets to be resent. This process continues until the complete data reaches the destination. At the destination, the packets are rearranged in their original form. Each computer connected to the internet has a software called the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol. Internet Protocol). The TCP/IP protocol is responsible for sending, receiving and checking the packets.

Accessing the Internet

If you wish to avail the internet facility, you need to have a telephone line and a modem. Moreover, you have to sign up with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is the ISP that connects you the internet. An ISP provides two types of services. Dedicated Link Service and Dial-up Account Service.

In a dedicated link service, your computer is connected to the internet all the time. This type of connection involves high cost and mostly large organizations opt for this type of link, which provides an internet connection on all nodes on the network.

In a dial-up account service, you set up an internet account with your ISP or commercial online services. A dial-up account service allows you to reduce your internet cost to a minimum. This is because you connect to the internet only when you need to access it.

What is a Modem?

A modem is a device that connects you to the internet through a telephone line. When you request for an internet connection from you ISP be dialing the number provided by your ISP, the modem transfers your request to the ISP. In turn, the ISP connects you to the internet.

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Useful Tips On How To Create An Excellent Corporate Video

Have you ever wondered why video clips are continuously shown in the lobby or in the waiting area whenever you go for a job interview? These videos are known as corporate videos. They mainly showcase the company's profile and achievements. Others may also include images of their modern amenities, events and available services. Conventional corporate videos often show the chief executive officer or president while discussing the company's background, mission and vision, etc. This approach is dull and will only hold the viewers' for a couple of minutes. Fortunately, lots of companies today are becoming more aware of the innovative methods that can be used on their corporate videos.

Video experts share some helpful tips on how to make your videos impressive and attention-grabbing.

TIP 1 - The video must be interesting, clear and has a story.

Showing the company's profiles or business operations doesn't need to be boring. It can still be engaging if the concept is transparent from the beginning to the end of the presentation.

TIP 2 - The video must be short and straightforward

People are more likely to watch videos that are short, interesting and do not have a lot of irrelevant elements. Viewers get bored if the video keeps showing and repeating the same idea. Since this is not a movie, it's better to use straightforward words to minimize its length and include only valuable details.

TIP 3 - Be honest

Providing your audience a vivid and honest presentation of the company's achievements will likely be more effective than giving false promises. This doesn't mean that you have to display your most sophisticated equipment or brag about the commendation and recognition you received. Don't oversell your company. What is important is that you provide your viewers with facts.

TIP 4 - Come up with a good and lasting concept

One of the qualities of a good video is having a lasting or eternal concept. If you build your video around this, it can be used for a longer period of time without the need to update the elements of the clip. Thus, you can save money and time.

TIP 5 - Hire the services of an expert.

If you don't have the time and the resources to make the video yourself, then seek out the services of experts. They can easily help you come up with a corprate video that's perfectly made. These professionals have the essential equipment, techniques and experience to produce a great output. They can also add valuable insights for the success of the production.

Dreams Engine specializes in corporate video production and works in creating interesting as well as insightful video presentations to have efficient information transmission for the target audiences.

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Will Cloud Be Right for You?

Following on from our last post about the VX-100 and reading a case study about the Casio android EPoS terminal, the full force of why any business might want a cloud solution began to hit me.

Why cloud?

The article above talks a lot about remote access. This is a huge advantage if you are not on site all the time, or own more than one site. To analyse data from anywhere, at any time, is invaluable.

You can react to specific situations like flagging stock levels immediately; you can identify and correct mistakes in an instant; you can identify unusually busy periods in real time and coordinate staff accordingly.

One issue often quoted in relation to cloud is security, but there is vulnerability in any internet connection. It is essential to maintain protection for all networks and have strong access protocols for all remote users. There is even the ability to use biometric identification.

The cloud also enables the new Casio Tablets to be used on site. These are great for warehouse/stockrooms and for staff to better engage with and provide more information for customers. This can speed up and improve the customer experience and allow more transactions to be completed during busy periods.

The tablets even have their own built in security with non-contact smart card access, and also a Secure Access Module (SAM).


This is where you can really engage with your customers. More information, more quickly, means better targeted promotional campaigns; continuing the promotion from on site to the web - directly to your customers and prospects via social media; you will also have connection capabilities to Google Mail and Maps and even public transport timetables.

Then there is the e-catalogue which enables orders to be taken and delivery arranged, all at the point of sale.

App store

And there is the Casio app store. These apps have been developed to help retailers fight back against online shopping, to get better customer engagement and make up-selling easier and to better handle stock control and ordering.

These Android applications are available from the Casio Business Portal for trial:

YReciepts - customised email receipts

AirPOS - cloud EPoS and e-commerce software

Hotelier Lite - reservation management software

AlfaRichi - instantly available and constantly updated sales data


So cloud really does have the ability to evolve your business; give you constant, real time information; greater control of finances; and empower your marketing. Perhaps the question should be 'Why not cloud?'.

Zenith EPoS provide Electronic Point of Sale to the hospitality and retail sectors, which combine sales and financial information with sercurity measures to learn more about your customers and more about your business.

Our 100% customer satisfaction record matched with our unique customer pledge offers you a risk-free, no quibble, money-back guarantee.

Contact Phil on 0117 963 2200 Zenith EPoS, 179 South Liberty Lane, Ashton Vale, Ashton, Bristol, BS3 2TN

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Lasers, Fact and Fiction Revealed

The laser was developed in 1958, and since that time it really has been the target of many science fiction movies that use lasers to do everything from opening safes to destroying the world. Although it may be interesting to delve into that type of fantasy from time to time, it is also a good idea for you to understand the different uses of lasers and how they affect our life. It is also a good idea for you to understand that there are different types of lasers that can be used. For example, many lasers use gas as a medium, but solid state laser technology uses a green medium. Interestingly, the solid-state laser is something that is being developed for military use, although it may also have other uses in industry and science.

When you take a look at the many different reasons why lasers are used, it might come as a surprise to you exactly how many times they touch your life on a daily basis. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways in which they are used for military, scientific, and medical purposes. We will also discuss some of the industrial uses of lasers. Although this does not provide you with a full list of the laser tools that are available, it can really help you to see how diverse this tool really is.

As far as the scientific use of lasers is concerned, this is really one of the more interesting ways that can be considered. Although there are many different ways in which science is using lasers, something that you may enjoy knowing is the fact that there are arrays that are on the moon which can be accessed via laser from the earth. These reflectors arrays were actually put on the moon during the Apollo missions, and today laser beams can be focused on those arrays through large telescopes that are on the earth. This has the ability to give very accurate measurements as to the distance from the Earth to the moon.

In the military, lasers are being looked into for use as an energy weapon. There are several different lasers that have been developed which are strong enough to destroy large missiles when they are in flight. They also can bring down various types of artillery, including mortar rounds. This is more of a defensive use of lasers in military but there are also lasers that can be used for offensive uses as well.

Finally, we can take a look at the way that lasers are used in industry. Some of the laser tools that are more popular in industrial settings include those that measure and those that cut. In either case, you are provided with a more accurate tool when it is designed using lasers that can get measurements that are far more precise than older methods. The tools that cut using lasers are also highly accurate, and these can give you not only a clean cut, but one that is exactly what is needed. Of course, these types of tools continue to evolve and to grow in diversity, but they are something that is used regularly in many different environments.

The author of this article has been a long time science fiction fan, so the subject of laser tools is always one of his favorites. Be it fiction like a lightsaber of fact like a solid state laser, he can discuss all the nuances of each.

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Remote Computer Repair Is Very Popular Today

Today, it's not uncommon to see people walking around with portable computers. Almost every home today has at least one computer in it, and these computers, whether their notebooks, laptops or desktop, are just as common as a ball point pen. But with all of the different types of machines out there, comes viruses, random system graphics card and software failures, all of which seem unavoidable.

This is why these repair professionals are so popular. As they are familiar with the way computers and operating systems work, and can thus repair these system faults, returning a system back to working condition. Except, in most cases, the computer owner needs to physically bring their computer to the repair professional, in order for him or her to repair it, which can be a problem for both the repair person and the computer owner, because ideally, they'd both want to be present during the repair process.

However, a remedy to this situation has come alone and it's called remote computer repair. With remote computer repair, the repair person doesn't need to be near the system, nor does the person have to instruct the computer owner on how to repair the computer. The whole repair process is typically carried out using restoration and analytical software for the operating system or the faulty computer.

There are a number of positives to remote computer repair

For confidentiality

The repair person is typically unable to see important data on the computer during the repair process, since the repair software works solely with the operating system, its applications and various other repair tasks, this ensures important data remains secure and concealed from unwanted eyes.

Preserving time

There are always technicians working around the clock to ensure repairs are carried out at all times, almost automatically. This way you don't have to wait for a technician to be available, as you can contact them no matter what time of the day it is.

More cost effective

The technician doesn't have to go to the computer system nor does the computer owner have to take the system to the repair center. In addition, pay is stipulated on a repair basis, a common theme amongst many repair websites. All you have to do is find the right support site and register as a member.

These are just some of the many positives of using remote computer repair to fix those nagging system failures, file association issues and various other problems.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye has been writing articles online for many years now. For information on electronic gadgets and computers, including any questions that you may want answered, advice on specific products and recommendations, check out his latest websites kindle keyboard and blue screen of death error

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Your Company May Cut Costs By Embracing The Cloud

Managing applications, resources and information virtually is known as cloud computing. In the term "Cloud computing", the word cloud is used to represent the structure and nature of cloud computing. This technology will allow the users to connect to any service that is hosted on the Internet. It also involves virtual hosted environments. Google Apps is one of the best examples of cloud computing. This application helps companies in such a way that the companies don't have to install word software, numerous IT personnel and internal email servers. Also, there are several other cost saving advantages in using cloud computing. Google Apps is a web based application that will allow a company to access services such as document creation or editing, email, calendar, website hosting and many more services through web browsers. Using this application helps companies in terms of data backup, productivity, lower IT costs and security. Even the big IT masters like Microsoft has entered cloud computing. The company has integrated software like outlook and Word with easy accessibility and online storage.

Reliable cloud hosting services that will let companies to work in a better way:

There are multiple internet retailers and hosting companies that have started offering cloud hosting services. Rackspace which is an Internet hosting service provider has started offering cloud hosting services to the clients who want to have cloud applications for their internal use. has also been providing such services due the internet bandwidth capabilities and large infrastructure the company has. Most of the clouds hosting service providers provide easy setup as well as creation of personal cloud hosting along with easy to understand and operate user interfaces. The best part is that most service providers offer per usage billing system instead of billing the clients with flat rates. This will let the clients pay for the bandwidth, storage space and processing they have used. This type of a system benefits both the clients and the cloud hosting service providers.

Types of cloud computing services:

When you look at the cloud computing concept, there are three main types of services. They are SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. Iaas stands for Infrastructure as a Service, whereas PaaS and SaaS are for Platform as a Service and Software as a Service respectively. The IaaS reduces the cost to companies, as the companies will be using virtual equipments instead of using expensive equipments such as hard drives, networking equipments and servers. On the other hand, SaaS is for companies which do not want to purchase software that the company may use occasionally. So, companies can pay the cloud hosting service providers only when the company uses the software. This is one good way for the company to save on cost. Another benefit in using such services is that companies can access their applications and software anytime they want. These are only a few advantages of using the cloud computing services and there is a lot more benefits. Companies that are willing to make use of this wonderful and cost effective technology and save money can go online to get the best cloud computing service providers. It will not be a tough task to find such service providers on the internet.

When choosing a cloud service provider it is important to pick based on reliability, price and customer service. For those 3 reasons I recommend NIRIX

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How Ethernet Works

Ethernet was initially invented as a way of connecting a printer to a computer but today is the name for the cable that allows most network devices to connect to each other. The name Ethernet can also refer to the communication protocol that is used by the cable that allows the devices to 'talk' to each other. Ethernet was created and designed by Bob Metcalfe while he was working at the Xerox research centre in 1973. Since then his creation has become almost the standard issue way to connect network devices and almost all computers and laptops have an inbuilt Ethernet port. The speed of Ethernet has also been improved since 1973 and we now have what is known as 'Fast Ethernet'. But what is Ethernet and how does it work?

A network allows computers to connect to each other and exchange information; in today's internet based society networks are hugely important. The internet itself is an example of a mammoth global network. There are two main types of network: a Local Area Network (or LAN) and a Wide Area Network (a WAN). A LAN is a network made up of a group of computers in close proximity. A WAN is a network that is made up of several major LANs and can cover vast distances - the internet is a WAN. Ethernet, then, is the connection that makes up a LAN. Ethernet can really only be used for LANs as over the long distances needed for a WAN the signal can break down. Ethernet is the basis for creating a LAN but also can be used to connect a computer or network to the internet.

In basic terms Ethernet breaks down communication barriers between different devices. It is a form of communication protocol. This means that devices can communicate with each other in the same 'language' and therefore form a network. Most computers nowadays will have an inbuilt Ethernet card or adapter. This adapter will give the device the ability to transmit and receive information across the network using Ethernet. The information that the device is sending and receiving is passed along an Ethernet cable that is plugged into the device's Ethernet port. Ethernet cables are usually made up of several wires; these wires allow data to be sent in both directions - to and from the device. The cables will connect to a router which will manage and direct the data that is being sent around the network. When the LAN needs to be connected to the internet, the router will connect to a modem (which carries the internet signal).

Using Ethernet has two main advantages. The first advantage is that new devices can easily be added to an existing network without having to reconfigure the whole network and all the devices in it. Networks using Ethernet have high levels of scalability which can be very useful in businesses that are expanding and growing. The second main advantage of Ethernet is the part of it known as 'Ethernet addresses'. When a piece of data is sent over a network it is received by all the other devices on the network. Without Ethernet addresses this could cause congestion and slow the network down as every device would try to understand the data it has received. With Ethernet every packet of data has a source address and a destination address (much like a letter will have a destination address and a return address). When the devices on the network receive the data they will check to see whether they are the 'addressee', if they are not they will disregard the data. If a device wants all the other devices on the network to pick up a certain piece of data, a broadcast address will be used instead.

In order to avoid data 'collisions', Ethernet uses what is called CSMA/CD or 'carrier-sense multiple access with collision detection'. It can be seen as much like a conversation. The device that wants to transmit data will 'listen' to see if any other device is already transmitting. Only if it is quiet will the device start transmitting its data. Collisions may occur if two devices 'hear' that the network is quiet and both start transmitting at the same time. If this happens the devices will stop transmitting and will wait a random amount of time before they try again. Using a different random amount of time each means that the devices are unlikely to collide again.

There are several other, slightly more advanced, components that can be added into an Ethernet network. A repeater can be added into the network and will repeat the data transmissions that it 'hears' - this means that the signal can travel along greater distances. An Ethernet 'bridge' can also be added into the network if there are too many devices connected resulting in congestion. A bridge will connect different parts of the network but will also manage the traffic. An Ethernet bridge will examine the destination address of the data being sent and will determine whether it needs to be passed on to other parts of the network. The use of a bridge means that data does not clog up the network by being transmitted unnecessarily to different parts of the network. An Ethernet switch is fairly similar to a bridge in that it can also expand the network diameter and regulate the traffic. However, with an Ethernet switch the data will only be passed on to the intended recipient device rather than a whole area of the network.

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If you would like to find out more about Ethernet and its networking capabilities then you can visit Fast Ethernet.

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Buying Computer Accessories to Enhance the Functionality of Your PC

Without mincing words, the advent of computers has made things easy. Businesses run more efficiently with the use of this technology. It is also used in homes. In the real sense, it is computer accessories that actually enhance the appearance and the functionality of your PC.

PC Accessories

There is a wide range of computer accessories on the market. These include:

• External DVD writer
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth
• Alcohol tester
• Pen drive
• Web cam
• Head phones
• Designer disk

Importance of Computer Accessories

The essence of these accessories and many more is to enhance and improve on the look and capabilities of your computer. With a head phone, you'll enjoy voice chats and music; you can have video chats with anyone online and you can as well capture images with the use of a web cam; and a pen drive can be used to transfer as well as to store data.

Buying Computer Accessories

One of the best ways to buy accessories for your computer is through e-shopping. You only need to find a good shopping website that gives you details on the items you need to increase the capability of your PC. You will receive information on the best brands with good quality and cheap rates.

Nevertheless, ensure that you make use of a credible e-store. You don't need a seller who is only interested in making sales without offering support on the usage of the products. The accessories should be the latest models. You should also be aware that there are accessories that will only work with a particular product line while some manufacturers offer universal products that will work with any computer.

The Basic Benefits of E-shopping

One of the advantages of online shopping is that you will obtain some free offers or bonuses on your purchase; some stores offer discounted prices to buyers. For instance, you may buy two items at the price of one. In addition, there is warranty on your purchased items.

Making an Order

After choosing the items you want, you will simply have to fill in the order form on the seller's site. Complete it with your personal details like shipping address and phone number (if need be). The items will then be shipped to you within few days. There are sellers who will demonstrate the use of the items when their product delivery workers arrive at your home; they may even help you to fix the accessories on your computer.

It is quite important to buy computer accessories as they make your use of the electronic device comfortable and interesting. E-shopping gives you good offers and various choices on PC accessories. In fact, manufacturers are now on the net to showcase their products.

Are you looking for cheap computer accessories such as a laptop charger with high quality for your PCs? The best offer you would get online awaits you at now.

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Web Vulnerability Scanner: Secure Your Web Address From Hackers

Regardless of whether you are a layman or a business entrepreneur, one of your major concerns is to keep away from any attack from web hackers. It has become a growing concern among many individuals and they are on the constant lookout for scanners. If you too are looking for such scanner, you can always opt for a reliable web vulnerability scanner. On the internet, you can find many websites that offer this service. They contribute towards eliminating all complexities that you might be facing to secure your data stored on the computer.

There are myriad options available when it comes to choosing a tool for protecting your network. The UTM firewall protector is one such device. It can protect your entire network. Investing in it will present you with the state of the art next gen firewall, VPN with IPsec and best anti-spam with less false positives. The installed anti-virus supports several engines to ensure best virus scan. With web vulnerability scanner, you will even receive backing for web proxy and filtering. Some of the additional features include system status, alert center, firmware update content filter, intrusion prevention and alert level.

There are instances when you may lose Wi-Fi passwords for WPS, WEP, WPA and WPA2. This may affect your present project at hand. Wi-Fi gives you access to several networks wherein you can find information regarding your project. The web vulnerability scanning tool even offers services for WPA cracking for Wi-Fi connection. Lost passwords can be recovered with ease. This way you can secure your Wi-Fi network and ensure that the codes are not broken by the attackers. With the complementary portable penetrator, you can check whether your networks are secure or not.

Another advantage of web vulnerability scanner is that it can test your system for possible defects. In case there are any deficiencies found, the scanner will ensure that they are patched accurately. When it comes to security updates, it is recommended that your system is up-to-date; however, having program that can double check your security is considered more valuable. Such programs can save you resources in terms of manual labor as well as lowering the chance of potential attacks exploiting security weaknesses. Make sure that you research on different services providers so as to get best value for money. The results that follow will be quite beneficial.

Many people seem to believe that their computers are already protected with the essential antivirus and other software tools. However, this is a major misconception which is realized when there is a breach of codes and someone gains access to personal files. Such misreading can cost people dearly, especially businesses. Hence, it is recommended that they enhance their security measures by installing web vulnerability scanner. There are companies dedicated to serve customers with the best technology software. Approaching them for assistance can bring exceptional value in terms of security. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Jan J Jensen is the author of this article on Web Vulnerability Scanning. Find more information, about UTM Firewall here

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Finding an Area VoIP Reseller

In this day and age, it is essential for users to have voice applications. This helps secure optimal communication for both personal and business endeavors. Customer can even centralize all their communication tasks, which can include call forwarding and messaging options.

Locating an area VoIP reseller is not hard. Customers simply need to visit stores that specialize in voice over Internet protocol applications. They can also check the Internet for companies that specialize in these services as well.

A great option is to check the web for voice applications and programs. Whether it is Internet phones, headsets, or business phone systems, customers should be able to find a range of products that meet their needs. They can also check the business pages for businesses that resell voice applications and software at cost-affordable rates.

Customers can also find these services at local electronics shops. These venues offer a range of voice and data programs, along with accessories and headsets. Customers can even contact their local phone companies to find out if they offer voice data communication portals.

Probably the best and easiest way is simply to browse the web. Whether it is X-Lite or Ventrillo, there are countless voice applications available for download and purchase. To secure the best rates, however, customers should try and find resellers.

These experts offer the same programs at much lower rates. They also tend to offer both stronger warranties, along with exchange or return programs. If you are pressed for time, try speaking to co-workers or friends for more viable options and tips.

In this day and age, it is essential for users to have voice applications. This helps secure optimal communication for both personal and business endeavors. Customer can even centralize all their communication tasks, which can include call forwarding and messaging options.

With a low-cost voice application, the need for costly and bulky business phone systems is simply eradicated. This is a great way to ensure a continuous flow of business for both clients and customers as well. Staff members will also find their tasks much easier to implement across the board.

Resellers are available at local malls as well. Simply visit your local venue, and visit the technology store. You will be able to speak to qualified customer service agents. They will help you with any questions, concerns, or finding the right voice based product for your home or office.

A VoIP callshop reseller specializes in all types of voice programs and components. Customers simply need to contact these professionals for more information. Most resellers showcase all the latest brands, along with Internet and physical phones that have advanced voice data features. For more information, contact these vendors or businesses today.

Author of this article is associated with FoneBooth, a wholesale service provider offering cheap VoIP Calls, PC2Phone Service, Device to Phone, Mobile Dialing, Calling Card Platform, etc.

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Why Should You Consider Buying a Used Apple iMac?

You might be a student or an employed worker. You might even be a miser or someone who spends the least amount of money possible. Whatever case it is, the fact is that you are on a low budget, and desperately need an iMac. Since you are not a Microsoft fan, the Windows PC is out of question. You want an Apple product but also do not want to spend an enormous amount of money.

So what should you do in such a tight situation? The answer is easy. Consider buying a used Apple iMac, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini or anything else that will suit your needs. You will have to pay no hefty prices, and you'll also get the same features as in any brand new model.

Many people are not comfortable with buying a used Apple iMac, Pro or Mini because they consider the quality to be questionable. This should not be the case because all used products sold by Apple's Store or other renowned organizations are as good as new models. Before these products are put on sale, they are cleaned thoroughly.

All defective parts are replaced with new components and the software is reinstalled. The devices are then tested for quality, and if they pass the standards, then technically they are equivalent to new models. The products are then repacked, and cables, user manuals and other relevant accessories are included in the box. Apple also assigns a new serial number.

Product Range
The inventory of used products is really large and you can find anything of your choice, be it the Macbooks, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Mini Server or iMac. The range is comprehensive, and includes all models from 2009 onwards in varying sizes. This means you might not find the oldest ones, but in today's advanced technological world, there are much better options at very reasonable prices. The best thing is that you can even find the latest models in this range at considerably reduced prices.

One thing that must be mentioned is that the product range changes every day. Once an item is sold, you might not find the exact same thing. But you will always find something similar which will be just as good.

When compared to brand new models, the prices of used models are definitely less. However, in some cases the difference might not be huge particularly if the models are the latest. Until you are extremely lucky, you will have to buy an older variant if you have a lower budget. Generally, the newer models are offered from an 11% to 16% discount on the original price. This may go up to 20% but beyond that, it is rare.

However, if you can consider buying old Apple's Macs, then you can save quite a handsome amount.

All used products are available under a one year warranty. AppleCare is also available for the same time period as brand new device. This is usually three years.

Online Stores
Used Macs are available at numerous online stores. You can easily find some models in extremely good condition at

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