Monday, May 21, 2012

The iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3 Likely To Be Constructed With Liquid Metal

In the next few weeks we are set to see the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S3, the eagerly awaited new flagship handset from Samsung. It is widely expected that we will see the new iPhone 5 revealed soon afterwards as Apple are keen not to lose ground on their closest smartphone competitor. New rumours suggest that these two new devices will be focusing on the design of the handsets in a bid to catch the attention of the buying public.
Samsung Galaxy S3
The latest rumours to surface on the internet suggest that the new iPhone 5 will be constructed from a new liquid metal material. The iPhone 4S was the last major smartphone release from Apple and although this model was very pleasing on the eye many consumers complained about the rather delicate glass construction. Despite toughened glass being used on the front and back panel of this phone there were still numerous cases of the phone being damaged when dropped. Apple look to have taken this on board and will construct the new model from liquid metal. The use of this type of material means that the phone will not only be incredibly durable but it will also be much lighter in weight than previous versions of the phone. It is no secret that Apple currently have patents pertaining to liquid metals and in particular the materials use in the construction of mobile phones so do not be surprised if this is one rumour about the new phone that proves to be correct.
It looks as though the Apple iPhone 5 may not be the only handset that uses liquid metal in its construction as Samsung are also looking to use the same type of material on their new Galaxy S3 handset. With several major smartphone manufacturers offering very similar technical specification on their devices the design of the phone is becoming one of the most vital aspects. Apple have always been renowned for their ground breaking styling and Samsung will be keen to ensure that their technically superior phone can match their biggest rivals when it comes to design. We may not have long to wait to see if these rumours regarding the construction of these two new devices prove correct. Samsung are holding a major event on May 3rd where it is expected that the Galaxy S3 will be unveiled. We will probably have to wait until the end of the summer before we hear such news about the iPhone 5 but certainly by the time autumn arrives we will have had a chance to see both of these devices in the flesh.

The use of new materials on the iPhone 5 is no surprise as Apple attempt to give the handset an edge over its competitors. Given the success of the Samsung Galaxy S2 it is also no shock that the manufacturers are trying to compete with Apple in this area rather than focusing on more common designs that are offered by numerous other phone manufacturers.

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