Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Excellent New Web Browsers For The HTC One X

A number of mobile handsets running on the Android 4.0 operating system are now becoming available. One of the most impressive devices we have encountered is the HTC One X, a premium model that combines a very high quality screen with some truly awesome processing power. The Android web browser that comes installed on the phone is very good but we want to take a look at some alternative new browsers that are available for this model and other Android 4.0 phones.

One of the very best browsers available for the HTC One X is Dolphin HD 8.0. This new version of the popular service offers an improved interface and also includes some excellent new features such as Sonar voice recognition. There are two main ways you can input data into this enhanced interface. The Sonar voice recognition enables user to perform a number of key functions with their voice. Unlike other models where voice commands are limited to searching for material Sonar allows users to bookmark favourite sites, navigate the browser and share material on social networking services. Obviously voice control is not for everyone and the browser does also include improved gesture controls if you prefer to use you phone in a more traditional manner. These improved controls allow consumers to set up specific actions for their favourite sites which can then be accessed with the simple flick of a finger. Tabbed browsing is fully supported and a number of additional pieces of software can be added to the browser to help user perform certain tasks. These additional items include RSS readers, Twitter and a PDF reader. The Dolphin HD 8.0 browser is available for free from Google Play.

Another excellent alternative browser for the HTC One X is Google Chrome. This platform has proved a major success for home computers and laptops and now the software makes its way to Android devices that run on version 4.0 of the operating system. Google Chrome does lack some of the features that are offered on Dolphin HD such as voice control but for user looking for a more traditional service this may be their best option. Multiple tabs can be opened at the same time and Chrome also offers excellent page compression which enhances the browsing speeds that users can experience. Any web page that takes your fancy can be stored and viewed at a later time, even if you do not have an internet connection available. Google Chrome also features some more complex but very useful features such as allowing web pages to be shared between your mobile device and your desktop PC. Like Dolphin this software is also available for free from Google Play.

Google Chrome and Dolphin HD 8.0 are both excellent browsers for the HTC One X. Dolphin certainly offers more in the way of innovative features but Chrome looks and performs superbly which is thanks to Google enjoying so many years as a leading internet search provider.

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