Sunday, May 6, 2012

Which Samsung Galaxy Is the Best Phone?

Samsung Galaxy S II 19100 is the best phone so far. It has got a brilliant display and superb contrast ratio. With extremely sharp images and also video playback without any kind of motion blur, the new Samsung Galaxy S II 19100 is your ultimate Android phone. It makes usage of less space and energy and is one of the thinnest mobile phones available in the market today. Its Dual Core Application Processor ensures faster web page loading, high-speed multitasking, smooth UI, extremely fast image editing, faster reaction speeds, and also high gaming performance. It's superb encoding and decoding ability supports all 1080p/30fps video shooting and playing. It has a matchless computing power.

 Samsung Galaxy, Images Of  Samsung Galaxy
 Samsung Galaxy
Its 8.49mm slim design renders it an ultimate look. It has a luxurious design and is also easy to hold. It features HyperSkin that gives it an outstanding metal look with non-slip battery cover and fingerprint free body. By double tapping the home key of the phone, one can have a control over the Samsung GALAXY S II through a few words. You can carry out important functions like music, calling, scheduling, messaging, and launching apps, just with your voice command. You can also capture thoughts, make note of it, and send it to friends.

You can visit the Readers Hub to browse through your favorite books with more than two million to select from. The sharp text increases readability and gives ultimate pleasure. You can organize all your online contacts by using Social Hub option where you have the facility of streamlining your email, IM, SMS, and SNS information into one box. Thus interaction becomes faster. You can download games of high quality. The presence of a magnetic sensor, an accelerometer, and gyroscope sensors dynamic hand and arm movement games, makes the Samsung Galaxy S II 19100 very special.

Its 8 megapixel camera does not miss any detail. It has built-in LED flash for taking pictures in low light. In this phone, fast scene switching can be done. Its new native music player offers an amazing playback system for you to search, preview, download, and purchase songs on the move. It also provides information regarding purchases with access to a wide range of lyrics, artists, and reviews that you desire. Its bass enhancement and 5.1 channel sound are some other added features of the phone. It has adopted powerful encrypted hardware that accelerates security protection. Through Cisco WebEx support, users can see shared browsers, documents, and applications with live instructions. Thus you can stay connected for meetings on the move. Its adopted Cisco's AnyConnect offers trusted and easy-to-deploy encrypted network connectivity by giving continuous corporate access to the users.

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