Saturday, May 5, 2012

What To Look For When Choosing Your Next Mobile Phone

If you are in the market for a new smartphone, you are probably aware that there is a mind boggling choice on offer. From budget handsets with basic features, to more powerful mid range handsets, and finally the high end smartphones which come with an array of advanced features, choosing the right smartphone can be quite a task. In this article I will look at the main features to consider when choosing a new smartphone with some examples of handsets which mat fit the bill.
iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy Note
Screen Smartphone screens vary widely between handsets. If this is an important factor for you, you must consider what you intend to use you phone for. If you plan to watch HD movies, play games or create files like spreadsheets, a large screen will be beneficial. The Samsung Galaxy Note has one of the largest screens out there, considered by many to be a smartphone/tablet hybrid. With a 5.3 inch screen with its own smart 'S-Pen' it is ideal for any of the aforementioned tasks. The screen of the iPhone 4S is smaller at 3.5 inches, however it is well known for its display quality thanks to its 'retina' technology. In conjunction with it's dual-core processor, graphics looks great. Also, AppStore apps are specifically designed for the screen so they appear flawless.

Apps A massive part of the appeal of smartphones is the ability to download applications directly to the handset from the operating system's respective application catalogue. Undoubtedly the best known is the AppStore which provides apps to Apple devices like the wildly popular iPhone 4S. Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note have Google Play (previously known as Android Market), which is quickly catching up to the AppStore in terms of the number of apps it offers. The AppStore however, is renowned for the quality of its apps as well as the diversity of content it offers. If you intend to download lots of apps, the iPhone 4S would be an ideal choice.

Camera When choosing a new smartphone, many people see the quality of the built in camera as one of the most important features. As far as camera phones go, they do not get better than the Sony Xperia S. With an industry leading 12 megapixel camera, it replaces the need to carry a standalone digital camera thanks to the quality of the images it is able to capture. Also, the phone can capture video footage in a resolution of up to 1080p HD. The iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Note also feature impressive cameras, both at 8 megapixels. If you are serious about mobile photography, Sony has the ideal handset for you. The iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Note share an 8 megapixel camera resolution (with 1080p video) which is sure to impress the majority of prospective smartphone buyers.

There is much more to consider when choosing a new smartphone, which I will cover in an upcoming article. The features I have covered so far though are likely to be among the most important for the majority of people.

For a great all round smartphone which can carry out the majority of tasks with ease, I recommend the iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy Note, as both have capable hardware and powerful software in the form of iOS and Android operating systems respectively.

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