Monday, May 7, 2012

Why The BlackBerry Storm 2 Is A Great Mobile Phone

I recently purchased the BlackBerry Storm and it is one of the best mobile phones I have had so I thought I would share my thoughts with you. At first I thought it was quite a bulky phone but compared to the latest iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Bold It is fairly light and small. The whole phone is a touch screen which is pretty standard these days but the Bold's screen is particularly nice because it as a click when you press it, I really like this feature as you know when you have clicked the screen.

The phone has a very slick metal back and 4 simple buttons of the front which consist of phone dial and dial cancel, main menu and a back track button, these are the 4 main buttons you need and they are bold and easy to use. The main phone page is the standard BlackBerry layout with the time and information at the top with 4 features from the menu such as messaging and contacts, these are bigger than usual as the whole height of the phone is the screen so this makes it easy to navigate. The same theme is followed on when it comes to the main menu, standard BlackBerry mobile phone app boxes but larger.

A Slick Image Of BlackBerry Storm 2
The main benefit of the Storm 2 is that it feels like an iPhone and BlackBerry combined, having all the features of a BlackBerry phone but the touch screen and accessibility of an iPhone. They are also great for business/work with a great email section, being touch screen emails are easy to open and read. Internet browsing is easy and seems very quick, actually quicker than it's BlackBerry rival the torch and considering the torch is a more modern phone I'm surprised the Storm 2 is quicker.

I'm sure there is many BlackBerry lovers out there who play wordmole, this word game is one of BlackBerry's most popular phone games and comes standard with every BlackBerry mobile phone. This phone has to be the best for the game, the touch screen ability means you can click letters so much quicker which in turn means you can submit words quicker and gain more time. This game is perfect for killing time like sitting at a bus stop and if you want to enjoy it more and hit some high scores this is the phone for you.

For some reason the Storm 2 is quite rare and was never pushed promotionally by BlackBerry, unlike it's rivals the Bold and Torch. This is a shame as it is such a fantastic phone but at the same time at least everyone hasn't got one and if you are are owner it makes your phone more unique. You can get some fantastic mobile phone deals online but you have to look a little harder than normal to find a Storm 2 online. The best places to purchase this phone would be eBay or your local second hand electrical store but make sure on the quality if you are buying second hand.

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