Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exciting Features On The Samsung Galaxy S2 (Pre-Ice Cream Sandwich Update)

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S2? Are you still waiting on the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for your handset? If you have answered a big "YES" to both of my questions, then this is your lucky day. Do you want to know why? Well, this is because in this article I will tell you about exciting features for your beloved Galaxy S2 handset pre - Ice Cream Sandwich update. Yes, you can now practice using the latest and coolest features of the Ice Cream Sandwich even before it officially lands on your handset. Read on!

Samsung Galaxy S2
The Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard- This is the first one on my list. It may still be in beta mode but this app will show you a pretty identical copy of the new and much improved keyboard on your Galaxy S2. If you are sick and tired of precious stock Android and manufacturer keyboard, then this is a welcomed app for you. What is more is that this is for free. You will also get the ICS keyboard functionality in the likes of speech to text, configurable auto-corrections, and more. With this, you can train your fingers before the official update comes to your phone.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher- This is a competent copy of the real Ice Cream Sandwich. You will get features in the likes of Face Unlock, stock of wallpapers and dock, ICS look, and a whole lot more. Again, you can train yourself earlier and not have to be confused when the official update lands on your handset.

The 3G Watchdog- One of the things that you will love on your Galaxy S2 once the OS update lands on it is the pretty sexy feature in the phone's Settings. This is a top app for tracking apps that are sucking up your web allowance (monthly) and it will also allow you to set a limit. This may not be the beast but it is capable of doing the same tasks. With the 3 G watchdog, you will never have to cry when paying your monthly phone bills.

The famous Google Chrome To Your Phone- We all know what the latest Android Iteration can do to your handset. One of its best features is its ability to link up between your computer's Chrome to your phone's Chrome (and vice versa). You can also beam pages, maps, and more from your computer browser to your handset. But you have to remember that you have to have both Android app and Chrome extension installed.

As you can see, these are just a handful of Pre- Ice Cream Sandwich features that you can now enjoy on your Samsung Galaxy S2.

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