Sunday, June 3, 2012

The HTC One X Provides Authentic Sound Quality

The HTC One X provides authentic sound quality allowing you to enjoy audio such as your music, movie soundtracks and more on the device. It s large display and minimalist design meanwhile make it look as good as it functions, while an impressive camera finishes it off perfectly with HD video recording capabilities.

The handset includes the HTC Sense 4 user interface which is the updated version of an intuitive and straight forward system for navigating through your smartphone and doing what you want. It runs on top and as part of the Android 4.0 operating system, this is also the latest edition of the most popular mobile OS, and includes a fresher way of providing you with your applications and other functions on the phone. As the much similar HTC One S offers this handset is packed full of features and impressive hardware such as its 8 megapixel main camera which has an instant shutter and continuous shooting.

This means that for example, you hit the instant shutter tab onscreen once in camera and as you continue to tap it, the phone continues to capture photos and add them to your phone. This is all down to the dedicated image processing chip which is in addition to the 1.5 gigahertz quad core processor for the handset overall. You are also able to capture full 1080 pixel video on the phone and share it on a larger screen such as a compatible television through the media streaming DLNA connectivity present. It is also possible to capture a still photo while still in the process of video recording, all easily done through the simple onscreen controls.

The advanced sound quality of the One X meanwhile is through the Beats Audio (trademark) technology which enhances all the audio from the device producing stunning results for a mobile phone. It is also possible to get custom headsets to listen to your music on. The large 4.7 inch display meanwhile is included within a slim and curvy design and lets you immerse yourself within every application and widget on your phone. The weather widget for example displays the weather graphically, while many other apps and features can be added through Google Play (the new advanced Android Market).

With so many advanced features all within both a grand design and running on a fast and effective mobile platform, the HTC One X deals one of the most prominent handsets available. It includes impressive performance and features which make life easier and more enjoyable all round.

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