Monday, June 4, 2012

Pot Smash - An Addictive And Fun New Game For The Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a superb mobile device which has become a global success thanks to its excellent specification. One of the attractive features of this model is the large 4.3 inch display which makes the handset perfect for a variety of different uses. One area where the screen is particularly useful is for playing the huge selection of games that are available for this phone. One of the best new games available for this device is Pot Smash. We take a closer look at this addictive new application.

The whole idea behind the Pot Smash game for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is to smash lots of fragile items that range from teapots to plates. In Greek culture plate smashing has been a tradition for centuries but many of us cannot afford to destroy our valuable items on a regular basis despite the undeniable enjoyment that it can provide. Pot Smash gives us all the opportunity to destroy items without it costing a penny or requiring any cleaning up afterwards. The game features a number of different modes but one of the most enjoyable is the Zen mode. Here you just have to smash as many items as you can within a set amount of time. A succession of items scroll quickly across the screen and you simply have to tap them in order to smash them. These objects do scroll very quickly and it is nearly impossible to destroy every item, even though the game supports multi touch so skilled players can tap the screen in two places at the same time.
Samsung Galaxy S2
There are seven other game modes available on Pot Smash for the Samsung Galaxy S2, many of which require a more considered approach than the all out destruction found on the Zen mode. These modes include a Memory mode which requires users to memorize certain items and then smash them when they appear on screen. There is also a Word Search mode where the items each have a letter painted on them. Users are required to smash the items in the correct order to spell out the desired word. In terms of design the application is superb. The simple graphics look great on the Galaxy's excellent display while the Super AMOLED technology that is used helps to produce wonderfully vivid colors. Pot Smash is a very addictive title that helps to ease stress and takes up a very small amount of time thanks to most challenges only lasting sixty seconds.

Pot Smash is an impressive new game for the Samsung Galaxy S2. The large screen on the phone is perfect for displaying the scrolling items and the addictive game play will have users returning in a bid to beat their highest scores.

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