Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some Tips To Help Improve Battery Life On The HTC One X

The HTC One X is one of the very best mobile smartphones to launch this year. When we took a look at this device we found it really hard to fault the phone but there was one area that disappointed us slightly and that was the battery life offered by the model. HTC are not alone here, nearly every smartphone that we have looked at over the last two years lasted around a day from a full battery charge. We have spent some more time with the HTC One X and found some simple tips to help prolong the battery life of the device.

The HTC One X features a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor chip which has been optimised to deliver better power management and therefore a longer battery life. The problem with this however is that this has been counter acted by the inclusion of an incredible 4.7 inch display which shows a very bright image but places more strain on the battery. The quad core processor also enables the handset to take advantage of new games titles that are designed to use all four cores that the processor has to offer. So despite the improved power management new features place more demands on the battery and we seem to be no further forward. There are some ways of consumers considerably increasing the performance times that can be expected from battery without drastically altering the way in which they use the device.

The HTC One X features an auto brightness setting for the screen and this setting is activated when you set up the phone for the first time. The default setting for this is set to maximum so by reducing the level in the settings menu users will immediately see better battery performance. Another feature of the phone which places strain on the battery is the auto sync setting for e mails. This enables users to be automatically notified of incoming mail. In order to do this the phone needs to maintain a continuous data connection which will also help your battery life reduce rapidly. By turning this setting off you can help to improve battery life but many user may be reluctant to do this as they want to know when the receive a new e mail. A quick way around this is to use the auto sync widget on the home screen. This will update your inbox whenever you press it so you do not miss out on important mail and messages. In addition to these tips a new update is being rolled out by HTC that promises to improve power management of the device and therefore deliver longer life expectancy from the battery.

The HTC One X is a superb mobile phone that really does excel in most areas. By making one or two adjustments to the phones settings you can help the battery to last longer so that you can take full advantage of the great features that this model has to offer.

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