Monday, June 4, 2012

A Look At How The Samsung Galaxy S3 And The Sony Xperia S May Compare For Design And Displays

We do not have long to wait until we are introduced to the new Galaxy S3, the eagerly awaited new smartphone from Samsung. This model is the successor to the popular Galaxy S2 device which was launched in 2011 and quickly became a hit with consumer thanks to its excellent specification. Recently we have seen a number of manufacturers launch new models boasting some excellent features. One such model is the superb Sony Xperia S which is regarded as one of the leading devices currently available. We see how the rumoured specification of the new Samsung may compare with what this excellent Sony device has to offer.
Samsung Galaxy S3
At this moment in time we have only seen leaked images of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 but we are fairly certain that some recent images give us a good idea of what the device may look like. The model will definitely be larger than the Galaxy S2 thanks to the inclusion of a larger display. In terms of design the model looks likely to be very similar to its predecessor with a very slim profile and some neatly rounded edges. There have been numerous rumours that suggest that the new handset will be constructed from a new liquid metal material which well not only help the model offer great durability but also make the handset one of the most lightweight devices on the market. The new Sony Xperia S looks very similar to the other Xperia devices that have been released which is pleasing as these handsets have always offered some very stylish looks. From the front the model sports a very angular design which is in stark contrast to many new handsets that offer a more curved look. Turn the handset over however and you are greeted by a gently curved back panel which contrasts nicely against the more clinical design found on the fascia. An attractive transparent strip is located beneath the screen which helps the model to instantly stand out against its rivals. The model is constructed from high quality plastics which feel very comfortable in the palm of your hand. Although we have no official confirmation on the design of the new Samsung we are sure it will join the Xperia S as one of the most desirable phones on the market.
Sony Xperia S
The Samsung Galaxy S2 was a leading phone for screen technology and we can expect more of the same from the new Samsung Galaxy S3. It is rumoured that the model will feature a slightly larger 4.6 inch screen which still makes use of the excellent Super AMOLED technology. In terms of resolution there has been no confirmed figure although Samsung will be keen to rival the iPhone 4S which offers a pixel density of 330 pixels per inch. In order to achieve this we should expect the display to show a resolution of around 720 x 1184 pixels. Sony were also keen to match Apple in this department and have equipped the Xperia S with a wonderful display. The screen measures 4.3 inches in size and uses LED backlit technology. Sony have used their expertise in producing displays well on this model and have included some great features like the Bravia picture engine which helps the model to produce a great clarity of image. In terms of resolution the model offers 1280 x 720 pixels which equates to a pixel density of 342PPI.

There is no doubt that the new Samsung Galaxy S3 will offer some great screen technology but the Sony Xperia S also offers a great screen that is superior to any other Android device currently available. In terms of design we can expect the new Samsung to rival the Sony with a very slim profile and some eye catching styling.

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