Monday, June 4, 2012

The HTC One X Offers Advanced Camera Technology

The HTC One X offers advanced camera technology with its built in 8 megapixel camera that uses the HTC Sense features and technology to provide the useful functions which work great every time. The handset and interface also provide many other impressive features.

This phone offers you a genuine digital camera on your mobile featuring impressive functions such as the smart flash which ensures the flash works to enhance light without impairing the overall picture and its quality. For example, you capture a photo of someone in a low-lit room and their face comes out bright white in the image. With this smart flash feature that will not happen as it senses the distance between the camera and an object automatically and then applies one of five different flash levels to it. So you can capture all of the photos you want in any setting and the flash will make sure that the image is perfect. In addition to this the camera also offers continuous shooting. This feature which is becoming more apparent on smartphones now and appears on all of this new One series of handsets including the HTC One S allows you to capture multiple shots when you hit the snap button. On tapping the onscreen instant shutter the phone camera takes under a second to be ready and snap the first shot, the dedicated Image Chip then processes the image so fast you can instantly take many more photos one after the other.
HTC One X vs HTC One S
Along with the camera and its many capabilities the One X also offers a clear and vibrant display measuring 4.7 inches and offering 720 pixel High Definition with touch parameters. The 1.5 gigahertz quad-core processor meanwhile ensures that everything runs seamlessly on the phone through its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. This is the latest Android OS to be released and provides an entirely re-developed and thought-out user interface. Additionally, you can enjoy many other new features, as you can with HTC Sense 4, the most up to date cerise of the Sense experience. The handset also offers up to 32 gigabytes of internal storage memory and all of the entertainment features you can want, including the impressive Beats Audio sound enhancement for your music.

The HTC One X is a good looking and powerful smartphone which provides excellent hardware and software to bring you a phone which you can do just about anything with. Most importantly for many it offers a stunning main camera which allows you to create fantastic photos and HD video clips with ease.

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