Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Look At The Screen On The Impressive HTC Sensation XE

In this article I will look at the screen technology of the impressive HTC Sensation XE. This handset is one of the upgraded versions of the popular Sensation, sporting an upgraded processor, Beats Audio and a number of aesthetic enhancements.

The screen on the HTC Sensation XE sports a qHD resolution of 540x 960. This resolution falls just 100 pixels short of the well known 'retina' display found on the Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and even the latest iPad. The iPhone retina display resolution is 640x 960, so as you can see, the Sensation XE comes close. The retina display gets its name because when the device is held a certain distance away from the user's face, it is impossible to distinguish between individual pixels. While this is not necessarily the case on the HTC Sensation XE, it is certainly quite a task, so the display quality of on screen imagery is excellent. This means the HTC Sensation XE lends itself to a variety of multimedia tasks, ranging from watching high resolution videos; including 1080p video captured using the device's 8 megapixel camera. Photo slideshows, graphic rich websites, downloaded Android games and the HTC Sense UI interface in general all benefit from the enhanced display quality of the screen.

HTC Sensation XE
The screen measures the same 4.3 inches as that of the original Sensation, as well as a few other Android smartphones such as the popular Samsung Galaxy S2.

Aside from the resolution of the screen, the actual panel type also contributes massively to the display quality. The HTC Sensation XE has an S-LCD capacitive screen, which is well known for its brightness and colour rendering. Another benefit of this is, along with its powerful 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, is that it is very responsive to touch, providing an intuitive way to navigate the HTC Sense user interface.

As you can see, the screen on the HTC Sensation XE is very good; in fact it is one of the best out there. Its main competition comes from the likes of the iPhone 4S, and some newer HTC smartphones like its new flagship, the HTC One X. This has HTC's most advanced touchscreen to date, along with a wealth of other innovative features.

The handset also has an excellent spec list in areas other than its screen. An 8 megapixel camera with flash and 1080p video capture, Beats Audio for the best sound experience available on a mobile phone, Android Gingerbread (with update to 'Ice Cream Sandwich) and of course thousands of downloadable apps from Google Play makes it one of the finest Android handsets out there.

If you are looking for a new Android smartphone with appeal from all areas of its spec list, the HTC Sensation XE comes highly recommended.

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