Thursday, November 22, 2012

Adding Remote Control Switches for Safety and Convenience

Remote control switches are helpful for a variety of devices. When designing or redesigning electronic equipment, adding a remote control system can significantly change the convenience and safety factors. When given an opportunity to use a separate hand control, most consumers prefer it over manual controls. One option is to add printed rubber keypads to the design for clarity. Custom keypads can improve the usability of products for consumers and workers. These devices can also modernize and upgrade older machinery and devices with some minor adjustments to the circuitry.

Remote controls can increase safety for electronic equipment users through the use of custom keypads. For large electronic devices and machines, a remote gives the user a longer distance from moving parts, electricity, heat and other dangers. By adding a remote custom keypad, the user can take control of the equipment for starting and stopping. This is especially helpful in an emergency situation. Heavy equipment may have dangers in the immediate vicinity of the power switches. When it's necessary to service the equipment or adjust its settings, a custom keypad gives the user options.

For dimply lit areas, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses and automated bays, a backlit rubber keypad makes it easier to see which button does what. This helps the user to find the switch for the right function. Backlighting can be used on specific areas of the remote control pad or it can illuminate every key. Also important for custom keypads is the use of color. Using standard colors such as red for stop and green for start can simplify the process. Colored keypads are generally easier to see than those outfitted in black and white. Printing should be in a contrasting color for easier visibility.

When considering adding remote control rubber keypads to a design, keep in mind the intended use of the product. For something located far away from the user, a hand-held rubber keypad is quite practical. The consumer has become accustomed to products with remote controls attached. When rubber keypads are properly labeled, they can eliminate the process of approaching electronic equipment. For someone sitting down to work for several hours or working in a separate area from the equipment, this also saves considerable time.

When choosing which features of an electronic device should be activated by a separate controller, consider the simple actions of turning it on and off, adjusting the movement direction, speed and lighting. The rubber keypad should be clearly labeled and usable within a fair distance from the electronic component.

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