Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exponential Growth Within 3D Printing

3D printing is a technology that seems to be rising in popularity at a nearly exponential rate. This manufacturing technology is bringing the power of creation, manufacturing, and design into the hands of virtually everyone! If you have a computer, and some design experience - or even the desire to learn, you can learn about 3D printing and how to manufacture things. The parts that can be made through 3D printing are virtually limitless. Let me elaborate.

There are well over one hundred materials to choose from within the manufacturing world. You can choose from a large variety of manufacturers, suppliers, services, etc to find the right material.These materials could include plastics such as nylon. These materials could choose mechanical plastics such as prime-part - which can withstand hundreds of degrees of heat. Other materials outside of plastic exist such as full color sandstone, a sandstone-like material which offers the same color capabilities that a regular 2D printer has to offer. Others form through certain DMLS or direct metal laser sintering processes. These methods involve the creation of hard metals through using various printers. There are quite a few other materials that come into play throughout 3D printing. One of them involves precious metals. These metals include stuff like silver, gold, fine silver, platinum, and bronze. Others are also evident throughout the 3D printing world. One of those materials is the Objet tango family.This "family" of materials offers a large variety. This family of materials includes rubber like pieces that seem to be flexible, offing capabilities to do some interesting projects, such as wheels to an RC car. Mechanical parts are pretty evident throughout the 3D printing world as well. Having the ability to create an entirely unique piece that matches with a series of exact match parts out of a material which can withstand serious heat.

3D printing offers a ton of benefits outside of its extensive material catalog. There are capabilities for 3D printing within a large variety of industries! One of these industries includes the jewelry industry. Another one of the industries that is involved within the 3D printing world would be the international engineering scene. The creation of parts to fulfill a specific task at a certain level of detail, cost, etc. Other industries are beginning to take notice about this wonderful manufacturing technology, such as the movie industry and the media. There have been quite a few promotions and marketing teams that have made great use of 3D printing to produce clients and leads. Other niches, genres, and categories of businesses have also taken notice about this manufacturing technology out here. Regardless of which industry you work in now, it doesn't matter. In the end it doesn't even matter, as this manufacturing technology is spreading so fast that it will likely begin to play a role in almost all industries. If something needs to be manufactured, a diagram can be drawn for a goal, or a part needs to be prototyped - this manufacturing technology is very likely to jump on the job.

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