Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some Important Factors To Bear In Mind Before Choosing LED Lighting Fixture For Your Aquarium

Aquariums add a measure of novel touch of nature to any indoor space whether in the home or in a business premises. The more realistic the appearance of your aquarium, the greater the effect will be for those who view your fixture. Here are some important considerations to have in mind before choosing any Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting solution for your aquarium.

You will need to make a choice between higher energy versus reduced energy power options. High powered LEDs have a single LED chip with power option of 1 to 5 watts and they give off heat which needs to be dissipated. They have a higher ratio of lumens to watts. Reduced energy LEDs are made of many tiny diodes, typically 5 millimeter ones. There is no need to for a heat sink as they generate negligible extra heat.

It is also important to verify the Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) of your illuminating option. CRI is a quantitative measure of the fixture's capacity to reproduce the natural color of various objects it illuminates compared to perfect natural light. As a standard, do not go for any lighting option that gives a CRI that is less than 70.

For even more performance guarantees, make distinction between lighting fixtures that are UL Compliant and those which are UL Listed. The Underwriters Laboratories is the leading global certifying organization in safety and sustainability, their mark of approval is a guarantee that the fixture conforms to the best standards in the industry. Some companies may indicate their products as UL compliant which only means they have been manufactured following guidelines set by UL but this is not the same as passing the stringent compliance tests set by the Underwriters Laboratories.

Before buying any LED lighting solution for your aquarium, look for the lumen output specification. Lumens are units used to indicate the quantity of light emitted by a source of light such as a bulb. The higher the lumen value attached to a certain fixture, the brighter it is. Remember that brighter is not always the most ideal consideration as you may be looking for the option that gives subtle light effect.

When it comes to achieving a custom interior decoration idea, nothing comes quite close to tropical fish aquariums. The most workable options will depend on the choices made in selecting LED aquarium lighting fixtures. While performance is an important consideration, so are safety and quality assurance as illustrated above.

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