Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Touch Screen EPOS Terminals Represent a Good ROI

With point of sale technology rapidly becoming more and more advanced, an increasing number of businesses in today's society are reaching out to this industry and embracing the ways in which their software and hardware can help them streamline their business operations, deliver excellent return on investment, and allow them to meet, and in some cases surpass, their business objectives. Touch screen EPOS terminals, in particular, are one of the more technologically advanced means by which business are achieving these KPIs - time and time again.

What are touch screen EPOS terminals?

Simply put, a touch screen EPOS terminal is a point of sale device which links the operator to their machine in a way which is both simple and effective. All the operator has to do to process a transaction is touch a few icons on the screen!

Process transactions much faster

Perhaps the most important benefit of introducing a touch screen EPOS terminal into your business is that it can process transactions at a much faster rate than a terminal which is controlled by a mouse. Whereas before operators had to search through the point of sale terminal to find the relevant information, now this data can be found with the touch of a few buttons.

By processing transactions at a blistering rate, this will help reduce queuing times and make customer service much more efficient. This, of course, will likely improve customer service by a considerable margin.

More accurate billing (and more peace of mind!)

Because it combines a simple interface with a large and very clear screen, the touch screen EPOS terminal greatly reduces the chance or errors happening while an order/transaction is being processed. This, in turn, leads to much more accurate billing which will save you valuable time spent trying to trace where mistakes have happened.

Increased flexibility

Another advantage of installing touch screen EPOS terminals into your business is that they are an extremely flexible tool. For example, if you work in the hospitality sector, one handy feature of a touch screen EPOS terminal is that it can be used as a portable device. This can allow waiters or waitresses to take a customer's order at their table, thus saving a lot of time going back and forth.

How do I buy one?

If you're thinking of buying a touch screen EPOS terminal, your best bet is to approach a specialist EPOS provider. This is because it will need to be tailored to your business needs (yes they're fully customisable as well!) and for this you will undoubtedly require expert advice which many companies provide.

David Duncan is the sales director at EPOS Now. Based in the UK, this market-leading company provide great-value touch screen EPOS terminals in addition to complete EPOS solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors.

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