Monday, November 19, 2012

Much Faster Than Typing

In a head-to-head test, typing is slower than speaking. For many people, they can only type an average of 40 words a minute on a computer. However, the average person can speak 120 words in a minute. That means the ability to speak is three times faster than the ability to type and speaking is a natural act. Not only is speaking faster, but it's more efficient than typing and more productive. People would rather speak for an entire day than type what they are trying to say.

So, if this knowledge of typing is applied to clerical tasks, more specifically, if it's applied to clerical tasks within the medical field, then people can become more productive. Well, that's what has happened. Software developers realized the speed of speech and its effectiveness and began to create speech software for several uses. One of the most popular uses is speech recognition on devices, such as smartphones and tablets. However, it's not limited to just those devices.

Speech and voice recognition is making it to specific areas of work and practice. For the medical field, voice recognition software has made it to the office to improve the transcription of documentation. Software developers noticed the slow speed to produce documentation within a medical office and they designed a software that would speed up the process through the efficient use of voice commands and speech recognition. Now, a software exists that makes traditional transcription a breeze.

So, how can medical professionals use this software within an office? Well, it's quite simple when you look at the specifics. The software replaces the need for lengthy typing and writing on documents. Now, the office staff can speak and record all speech as text on a page and produce a document. Also, not only is the software limited to the office staff, but doctors can use it too.

As doctors interact with patients during the day and have the tedious job of writing and editing documentation, they can reduce the writing and become more efficient by speaking. All they have to do is speak what they want documented and it becomes text. Now, doctors can spend more time with patients or complete other necessary tasks around the practice because they have more time.

Voice recognition software is the future of transcription. It's moving people forward, making processes more efficient and saving people money, all in one. It's time for technology to become the greatest tool we have, especially through the use of computers.

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