Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Will Cloud Be Right for You?

Following on from our last post about the VX-100 and reading a case study about the Casio android EPoS terminal, the full force of why any business might want a cloud solution began to hit me.

Why cloud?

The article above talks a lot about remote access. This is a huge advantage if you are not on site all the time, or own more than one site. To analyse data from anywhere, at any time, is invaluable.

You can react to specific situations like flagging stock levels immediately; you can identify and correct mistakes in an instant; you can identify unusually busy periods in real time and coordinate staff accordingly.

One issue often quoted in relation to cloud is security, but there is vulnerability in any internet connection. It is essential to maintain protection for all networks and have strong access protocols for all remote users. There is even the ability to use biometric identification.

The cloud also enables the new Casio Tablets to be used on site. These are great for warehouse/stockrooms and for staff to better engage with and provide more information for customers. This can speed up and improve the customer experience and allow more transactions to be completed during busy periods.

The tablets even have their own built in security with non-contact smart card access, and also a Secure Access Module (SAM).


This is where you can really engage with your customers. More information, more quickly, means better targeted promotional campaigns; continuing the promotion from on site to the web - directly to your customers and prospects via social media; you will also have connection capabilities to Google Mail and Maps and even public transport timetables.

Then there is the e-catalogue which enables orders to be taken and delivery arranged, all at the point of sale.

App store

And there is the Casio app store. These apps have been developed to help retailers fight back against online shopping, to get better customer engagement and make up-selling easier and to better handle stock control and ordering.

These Android applications are available from the Casio Business Portal for trial:

YReciepts - customised email receipts

AirPOS - cloud EPoS and e-commerce software

Hotelier Lite - reservation management software

AlfaRichi - instantly available and constantly updated sales data


So cloud really does have the ability to evolve your business; give you constant, real time information; greater control of finances; and empower your marketing. Perhaps the question should be 'Why not cloud?'.

Zenith EPoS provide Electronic Point of Sale to the hospitality and retail sectors, which combine sales and financial information with sercurity measures to learn more about your customers and more about your business.

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