Friday, November 9, 2012

Medical Voice Recognition Software

It's all about recognition of the voice and making life more simple through speech. Technology has truly evolved in the last decade and with smarter software and programs, people are able to complete tasks faster and with more ease. Software developers have considered the use of computers in every-day life and adapted the tools of software to meet the needs of professionals. This adaptability has lead to increased efficiency and productivity and in many areas of business.

In this particular case, we focus on the medical field and how software is improving the way medical professionals conduct tasks. With software as a tool, software developers considered the uses of software in the medical field. How can it help? How should it be designed? What tasks can it make more efficient and cost-effective? What developers came up with is voice recognition software for the medical field.

Using voice recognition, or speech recognition, medical professionals can conduct clerical tasks in less time and be more efficient in their work. This was the goal of software developers and medical professionals and now it exists. Tasks are completed with the voice instead of sifting through documentation and files to access what medical professionals want. Using voice is easier than sifting manually.

With the ease of voice commands, software developers created a program to ease the documentation and transcription process in the medical field. Instead of tedious writing and transcription for patients, medical professionals can now speak what they want written and submitted. Speaking require less energy than transcription and thus translates to faster documentation times and remaining time for additional tasks. It's a shifting of time from less important task to other tasks that require more time and deserve more time. So, a medical professional can spend less time writing and more time speaking or providing care to a patient. Now, medical work becomes more personal and less impersonal because a doctor or nurse isn't buried in paperwork.

Voice recognition software is growing and expanding every year. The present holds great resources and tools for the medical field, as described above, but the technology to come will only get better. As software developers construct new programs and have new ideas, the medical field will only become more efficient. As it does, costs will be cut and medical professionals will be able to do more within a day of work. Technology provides the efficiently we need to conduct better services and work.

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