Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 5 Ways To Speed Up Your PC

If you need to speed up your PC then you have come to the right place. I will show you, right now, five quick ways that you can drastically improve your computer's performance.

Step one: Defragment your hard drive

Time and time again, people come to me and ask me to fix their computers.

"My PC is so slow" they tell me. "Why can't it run like the day I bought it"?

So I take a look and find out that they have never defragmented their hard drive. Everyone! You must do this at least once a month for maximum performance. Without getting too techy with you, it basically sorts out your hard drive, allowing you to run programs faster because it now takes less time for the hard drive to get from point A to point B.

Step two:

Disable some of your programs from starting up with your computer. This is a cool trick some of you may know, but is very useful.

-Go to start

-Type msconfig in the run box

-Click on the startup tab

Now you can easily uncheck all the programs you do not want to start up on boot. This will greatly speed up your PC.

Step three:

Run a system cleaner of some kind. This software will automatically look for all the garbage slowing down your computer. It will seek and destroy, leaving your computer squeaky clean and running like new.

Step four:

Use a registry cleaner. This will search your Windows registry for three types of keys that can really hurt PC performance. These are: duplicate, missing, and corrupted.

Duplicate keys can cause computer errors because when you try to run a program, it doesn't know what registry key to access.

Missing keys are equally problematic, because the program trying to access them won't find them, and won't be able run.

Corrupted keys are the worst as they create errors and decrease PC performance by changing system settings.

To speed up your PC you need to run a utility that can remove all of this crap that has accumulated for years and years.

Step 5: Disable windows services you don't use

-Go to start

-In the run box, type: services.msc and hit enter.

You can now disable services that you don't use or need. Be careful with this, because you might forget you turned it off and when you need it later you will get an error message that says "service can't be started". You can always go back in and enable it though, and whatever you disable can always be undone.

These are the top 5 ways you can speed up your PC. So save yourself from any more frustration and take a few minutes to follow these steps.

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