Sunday, November 11, 2012

What to Do With That Empty Space on Your Digital Signage

You have a great digital signage system in place, but you don't know what to play on your screen. Everyone is too busy to develop content, and you just need something light to keep your viewers entertained. At this point, many people turn to live TV, but we pleaded with you to rethink live TV.

So for those who do not have the time or means to create dynamic content, I offer you an alternative - paid content services. Paid content services are basically feeds played on digital signage through automated delivery, usually for a small monthly fee.

They are available in a variety of forms-sports updates, news videos, regional and national weather forecasts, and a variety of infotainment selections-so you can tailor the content that plays to your business.

Of course, these services are not a one-size-fits- all solution. Consider your sign's purpose, location, and audience when determining if a paid content service is right for your digital signage and which one to subscribe to.

If your sign is displayed in a hallway where people will only see it for a matter of seconds, a 2 minute video probably wouldn't be the best use of your digital signage. But if you're trying to keep employees in a break lounge or patients in a waiting room entertained for an extended period of time, the details of the latest celebrity scandal might be appropriate.

For some reason, people are magically drawn to the weather. Strangers could talk about this weekend's impending cold front for an hour or watch the five day forecast cycle twenty times. Similarly, I don't know anyone who doesn't get an ego boost when correctly answering a trivia question about some random topic. People stay occupied and entertained as they wait for the dentist to drill a cavity or head back to the production line when this type of captivating content is displayed before them.

And these services really can be much more appropriate for your audience than live TV; they are designed specifically for digital signage, you can know exactly what will be playing, and your customers won't see a commercial for your competitor in your own lobby.

The option to play with or without sound and closed caption also makes these services very flexible and adaptable to a variety of locations.

So if you have an empty zone on your digital sign or an entire screen that needs to be filled, consider paid content services to keep your screens fresh, interesting, and up-to-date.

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