Thursday, November 22, 2012

Advantages of an Online EPOS Retail System

For retailers with many branches located in different cities, an POS retail system provides a fast way to centralize sales data processing. An EPOS retail system links sales terminals across various outlets to the main office or server. Internet communication allows for less expensive setup and simpler way to run multiple EPOS sites. It also provides the advantages of real time data integration to update back-office accounting databases.

Fast-growing retail chains should use online EPOS solutions to better manage their new stores and consolidate data from several locations. Single point transaction application is made more effective and more secure by Internet-based EPOS systems. EPOS systems can also function even in off-line mode so that retailers can continue their sales transactions even during Internet downtime. Online EPOS system allows for fast cashier turnover by enabling retailers to easily manage multiple tills, thus reducing errors and complicated procedures that can cause delays. Bar-code reading and security enhancement can easily be standardized across multiple stores with the use of online point-of-sale system.

Small and medium businesses can have the cost benefits enjoyed by large companies that use EPOS solutions. The scalability of online technology makes it possible for SMBs to maximize their available software and hardware resources to supervise point-of-sale transactions in multiple locations. The online component of EPOS allows companies to manage their inventory and allocate supplies in real time. Fewer mistakes are made and less workforce is needed when consolidating and analyzing point-of-sale data through an EPOS retail system. It can be installed at a single site where data from all outlets will be sent. This makes the software component of online EPOS more affordable.

Software-as-service EPOS solution can also offer more data security. An EPOS retail system requires complete installation per POS machine. This makes the retailer the sole administrator of the EPOS system. Retail companies are not as adept as IT companies when it comes to database security. Through online EPOS service, retailers can run POS applications hosted in secure servers maintained by the EPOS system developer. This can save retailers thousands of dollars in terms of manpower and IT related expenses. Online EPOS solutions are highly scalable, which means that a new outlet can easily receive an EPOS system support via Internet. There is no need for another round of software installation. Data can be easily shared across store outlets. Product and customer data can be updated across all sites that share this information. This makes inventory control, accounting and decision making more efficient. In addition, new updates can be easily deployed.

During peak seasons, retailers need to access real-time sales data from various stores. Owners do not have to wait for days to get a consolidated report. With online EPOS retail system, retailers can easily compare the performance of several stores and assess the sales of in-demand items at any given time. Since the business analysts of most retail companies usually hold office in the main branch or headquarters, an online EPOS system serves as an efficient analytic tool for stores with many outlets.

David Duncan is the sales director at EPOS Now. Based in the UK, this market-leading company provide great-value EPOS retail systems in addition to complete EPOS solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors.

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