Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Step By Step Look Into 3D Printing

3D printing is a pretty interesting form of manufacturing technology that is already starting to change the way that we look at creating things, on any scale. Whether you are a part of a huge marketing firm, or you are a consumer working out of his or her garage, you can have access to 3D printing. What can this technology do? Well, frankly, it can create things. These things that are created range from toys, to complex parts for machinery, to character models, to jewelry, to whatever! 3D printing can create virtually anything. Before I jump into what it can make, let's discuss what takes place when it comes down to creating a print through 3D printing.

In order to use this manufacturing technology, some form of a blueprint is required. This means that a n artist, designer, engineer, or whomever will have to create a model on the computer. This model will be made through some form of 3D software. This software might be Maya, Autodesk, Solidworks, Blender, or whatever.

So an artist will work to design a 3D model, and then when the piece is finally designed, we will have the blueprint. After this is made, throwing the design into the printer I required. 3D printers will create pretty much whatever you'd like to have them create as long as enough material is available, the printer Is large enough for what you want, and you're using the right style of 3D printing for that said job. This is very powerful for designers, artists, engineers, et c, but what does 3D printing actually entail.

3D printing is sort of slang for additive manufacturing, or the layer by layer creation of various objects through a layer by layer process. For 3D printing to work, there have to be a few things. Like I mentioned earlier, a designer of some kind will have to create a 3D model of the part you're looking for. After that is done, this model will then be sent to the manufacturing facility, where it will be put into a printer. The printer technician essentially presses go, and the print starts! Layers of material will be laid down on top of this build tray, and after a certain amount of buildup, you'll see a final product come about. This is great, as the layer by layer process used in3D printing allows for the creation of some seriously unique products and images. This gives the beneficiaries a lot to work with. There is almost too much that these printers. Various materials come into play when thinking about 3D printing. Some materials feature mechanical properties, such as stainless steel or Inconel. Others offer ceramic capabilities,. Others offer things like full color from within a sandstone ZP150 printer. The possibilities as to what can come out of a 3D printer are pretty endless. There are so many options! If you're considering purchasing a printer, leasing a printer, or using a 3D printing service, it would be good idea to check it out - this technology is pretty neat!

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