Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is Windows 8 Good for Productivity?

File History

File history is a novel addition to the Windows software, it creates backups of files each hour (or what ever time setting you choose), to any external drive, or even server. You could compare it to Mac OS X's Time Machine. The most advantageous thing in terms of productivity is the fact that it creates 'versions', different save files which you can easily restore with a simple click. You know what this means right? No more accidentally overwriting that project you've been working away at for the last 2 months!

Microsoft have undoubtedly spent a lot of their time in ensuring that File History does not eat up resources, and that it only just backs up while nothing else is running.

Although this isn't the most perfected feature in Windows 8, it's definitely something that I'd encourage you to use, particularly if you work on a wide variety of projects that take a range of days to complete.

Boot Time

This may be quite self explanatory, but the boot time of Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 is tremendously significant, 50%+ faster than Windows 7. This video pretty much explains all of it.

Multiple Monitor Improvement

Another great addition to Windows 8 is the increased support for multiple monitors. Everybody knows that having two or more displays can increase productivity tenfold, and so now it's even better.

In Windows 8 you can have the task-bar on both screens, meaning you don't have to continuously go back to your primary screen in order to open an application or program, this can be easier to open certain programs or files in the screen you want them to be seen instead of dragging it over. Windows 8 also accommodates edge detection, meaning you are able to open charms on any screen without having to worry about your mouse jumping over to the next screen due it being on an inside edge (edge underneath or next to another screen).

App Pinning

Provided you're using native Windows 8 apps, there's the ability to pin them to either side of the screen. This is excellent if you're only using one particular screen, or just want to make the most of your work-space. I've found that pinning applications like 'Mail' and 'Messaging' are great and help with productivity (it's not necessary to open different Windows).

All things considered, I think that Windows 8 gives a significant increase in general productivity, in saying that, if you're completely happy and content with Windows 7 - then you may as well just stay with it until you feel like upgrading.

Do you know of anything that you think boosts productivity in Windows 8? If so, comment below!

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