Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Look At The Yahoo! App for the iPhone 4S

The Apple iPhone 4S continues to be as popular as ever despite ongoing and increasingly impressive competition from Android and Windows powered smartphones. One of the major attractions of Apple's flagship smartphone is the ability to download apps from the AppStore. News apps are a popular category and in this article I will look at the popular Yahoo! news app.

Yahoo! is one of the world's biggest websites, offering global as well as country specific news and weather as well as providing services like email and finance info. The iPhone 4S Yahoo! app provides all of these services and more providing a one stop shop for all the Yahoo! services.

The Yahoo! app has a simple to use interface, with icons for news, friends, mail and search functionality on the homescreen for easy access to your desired service. The news aspect of the app uses the built in GPS functionality of the iPhone 4S to provide news which is relevant to your country. You can also toggle between local and world news headlines. News headlines are similar to those that you will find on other new services like CNN or BBC news apps, and are generally ranked by importance and are updated quickly so they will appear as news happens.

There is also a weather service which like the news headlines, will show relevant weather data for your current location which can also be toggled to select weather information for other countries which can be handy if you are planning on travelling abroad.

The Yahoo! email service is also integrated, so you can access you Yahoo! email account from the app where you can read, write and send new emails. The app also stores your contacts for this email service so there is no need to download a standalone email app, although there is a dedicated Yahoo! email app available and the iOS email app also integrates with Yahoo! email accounts so you can choose whichever app you prefer for email tasks.

Yahoo! also offers plenty of articles which as you may have noticed on Facebook, can be linked to your Facebook account and it will show your friends which articles you have read, so they can also read them if they are interested.

The Yahoo! app is great for news but also has the added bonus of email functionality, social article sharing and weather information. This puts it ahead of the majority of rivals in terms of its versatility and the features it offers.

The iPhone 4S benefits from this and many more apps, arguably making it the most versatile smartphone available today. The iPhone 4S makes the Yahoo! news app easy to use with its simple touchscreen operation, and the embedded images and videos look great on the retina display. Apple iPhone 4S deals are available now from all major UK networks.

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