Monday, October 8, 2012

Sony Xperia P - Sony's Mid-Range NXT Series

A mid-range smartphone in the Xperia NXT series, this is what the Sony Xperia P is all about. This handset sits above the its sibling the entry-level Sony Xperia U and sit below its other sibling the Sony Xperia S. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of this trio is HTC One Series trilogy, but then again that is another subject for another article. One thing is for sure, this handset shares a common design aspect with its NXT series siblings.

If you look at this handset, the first thing you will say is that it has everything that you will ever need in a smartphone. It comes packed with a powerful dual-core processor which clocks at an amazing speed of 1GHz. It comes in with a 4" qHD display screen coupled with new exciting technology. Last but not the least; it comes heavily packed with Sony's latest and highly acclaimed Exmor R camera sensors. See what I mean? Everything on paper about it will tell you that it has everything that you will ever need.

When it comes to the phone's design, you will definitely agree with me that this handset is quite attractive and that this can pass as Sony's flagship. There is also a huge resemblance to the Xperia S when it comes to design. But this handset is the shrunken version of it. You will also find that famous transparent strip that divides the handset into two. But if you put this side by side with the Xperia S, you will notice that they have subtle differences.

If you look closely, you will notice the phone's aluminum body. Unlike its older and bigger sibling the Xperia S, this is not made out of plastic. This specific handset according to Sony boasts a unibody design because its back cover is made from a single piece of metal only. If think of it, this handset is more sturdy that its older sibling. This handset is also capable of giving you that smooth feel while it is in your hands.

This handset weighs in at 120 grams. It is also quite narrow with its 0.9mm thickness. The phone's front side houses its 4" qHD WhiteMagic LCD, notification light, and its front-facing VGA camera. You will also find a row of three capacitive buttons just inside the phone's transparent strip. You will also love how these tiny capacitive buttons are strategically distanced from each other. This will help you avoid any accidental presses while using this handset.

As you can see, this mid-range NXT series handset has a lot to offer you. May it be design wise or functionality wise the Sony Xperia P will truly amaze you.

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