Saturday, October 6, 2012

Interface And Price Differences On The HTC One X And The Galaxy S3

If you are in the market to purchase a new Android smartphone then there are two new handsets that are definitely worth considering. The HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are regarded as two of the ultimate Android devices thanks to some superb specification and excellent design. So which one of these superb devices stands out in terms of usability and value for money?

The HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 both incorporate the latest version of the Android operating system. Affectionately named the Ice Cream Sandwich Version the software boasts some improvements on previous editions of the software. Navigating the interface is a more refined experience than on earlier versions and multi tasking features have also been improved which is perfect for these two devices as they both sport quad core processors. So with nothing to choose between the models in terms of operating system we need to look at the interfaces that are used to differentiate between the handsets. The Galaxy S3 uses the Touchwiz UI which boasts some excellent features that make using the phone a simple task. A great example of this is simply raising the device to your ear to instigate a call. The model also features the new Smart Stay technology which tracks whether the users eyes are looking at the screen and dims the brightness if they are not. The HTC One uses the Sense UI and this is a more simplified version that what can be found on many of the companies previous models. The interface is very attractive and is also very unobtrusive, leaving the Android platform to do the majority of the work. It is fair to say that the Galaxy S3 offers more in the way of features than its rival but the HTC phone delivers a more simple and visually attractive experience.

The HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are both flagship handsets within their respective ranges and therefore the two models are not the cheapest that you are likely to encounter. If you are looking to purchase either phone without a contract you can expect to pay around £550 for the handset. Most consumers however will opt for the phone as part of a contract package and the Samsung handset does seem to have the slightly cheaper deals. Consumers can get the Galaxy S3 for free with a contract that totals £29 per month. For this figure users can get unlimited texts but the data allowance is quite low at 250MB per month. For £31 a month you can get a free HTC One X with 500MB of data allowance, unlimited texts and 300 minutes of talk time. Although this is slightly more expensive than the Samsung you do get double the data allowance so the extra two pounds may prove a worthwhile investment.

The HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are two leading Android phones that offer almost identical specification. Both models do offer different user interfaces and the HTC device is perfect for consumers looking for more simple and intuitive operation. For those looking for more in the way of features then the Samsung may prove the better option thanks to new additions such as Smart Stay. Prices are also very similar for both models.

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