Friday, October 5, 2012

The New iPhone 5 Will Boast An Updated iCloud Service

There were two major smartphone releases that consumers were looking forward to in 2012. We have recently seen one of them which is the impressive Samsung Galaxy S3 which was unveiled at the beginning of May. That leaves just the one major release which is the iPhone 5. This new phone will feature an updated version of the iOS operating system. One area that will benefit from this updated platform is the excellent iCloud storage service.

The iCloud feature was launched in 2011 and enables users to have their precious data automatically stored. All users of iOS devices are allocated a set amount of storage space which can store a variety of material from photographs to documents. The advantage of a system such as this is that it enables data to be shared between various devices. Users can now take a photograph with their iPhone 4S and view the image on their iPad when they return home. In addition to the excellent sharing facilities iCloud is also perfect for protecting valuable data. If a handset is lost or stolen material is still safe and can be easily transferred to a new device. This system has proved a big success and the new iPhone 5 will boast an even better version of iCloud. It is expected that the updated service will be unveiled at the WWDC 2012 event which is where the new iOS6 operating system will be officially unveiled. There are also rumours that Apple may take the opportunity to reveal the new handset at this event although it is likely that they will hold a separate launch for this eagerly anticipated model.

Apple are looking to make iCloud a much more social experience on the new iPhone 5. Users will have the ability to automatically share groups of photographs with friends and family and these people will also have the ability to comment on the images. This may prove to be a very wise move from Apple with photo sharing software such as Instagram already proving a massive success with consumers. Apple are keen to change the personal Camera Roll facility into a fully functioning photo and video sharing application. There are numerous rumours circulating about other features that will be incorporated on the new operating system. It is expected that the Maps service will be completely overhauled and there is also a strong possibility that we may be treated to a brand new user interface to accompany the new design that the iPhone 5 will offer.

The iPhone 5 is certainly going to be one of the major smartphone releases of this year and Apple are keen to improve the iOS software so it compliments this new model. The iCloud service looks like one area that will be affected more than most by this update and users will soon be able to easily share video and photo content with other users.

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