Saturday, October 20, 2012

How The New Samsung Galaxy S3 And Galaxy S2 Compare For Screen Performance And Design

There is no question that the Samsung Galaxy S2 was one of the smartphone success stories of 2011. This powerful mobile device has sold over 20 million units and still offers specification that eclipses what many new models can offer. In a bid to keep ahead of rival manufacturers the company how now unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S3, the successor to the popular S2. We compare the two devices to see how they differ in terms of screen technology and design.

One area where there are some big differences between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the S2 is screen technology. The S2 features a large 4.3 inch screen which uses Samsung's own Super AMOLED technology to produce some of the best image quality currently available. The model offers users a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels which means that 217 pixels can be displayed per inch. The new S3 model has raised the bar in this department by not only increasing the size of the display but also the resolution that it can offer. The new model features a very large 4.8 inch screen which is only slightly smaller than the massive display offered on the popular Galaxy Note. Once again this screen makes use of Super AMOLED technology but this time with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This improved quality has a major effect on the pixel density which increases to an excellent 306 pixels per inch. This may be just short of what the iPhone 4S can offer but for a screen of this size this figure is really very impressive. In terms of screen technology the new S3 not only features a larger display but also one that totally eclipses it predecessor for technology.

When it comes to design we find that these two devices are a little more evenly matched. One area where we hoped that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would improve on the S2 was by using less plastic in the construction of the phones chassis but sadly this is still the main material and therefore the phone feels less robust than rival handsets like the iPhone 4S and the HTC One X. Despite offering a much larger display the new S3 manages to squeeze it into a body that is not much larger than the S2 thanks to a very slim bezel that surrounds the screen. The new handset boasts a design that features more curves than the S2 which will please some consumers although those who favour a more angular design may prefer the older device. The S2 is available in a black or white finish but interestingly the traditional black option is not available with the new model. Users are given the choice of an attractive blue finish or a white variant.

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is a superb new phone that is superior to its predecessor in terms of screen technology. When it comes to design and build quality however the model offers no dramatic improvements over the very stylish Galaxy S2.

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