Thursday, October 11, 2012

Can The iPhone 5 Eclipse The New Samsung Galaxy S3?

There is no question that the Samsung Galaxy S2 was the best mobile handset of 2011. This high powered smartphone beat all of the competition to be awarded numerous accolades and the phone was also a huge hit with consumers with over 30 million units being shifted to date. This year the manufacturers have had the opportunity to impress once again with the launch of the new Galaxy S3. This device however has failed to win the public over in the same way as its predecessor did. Does this leave the door open for the forthcoming iPhone 5 to be the best phone of 2012?

The first impressions of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 are a little disappointing. One of the major new features on this model is the new S-Voice facility which enables users to control the phone with their own voice. The problem with this feature is that Apple already launched their own Siri service on the iPhone 4S and this feature offers more in the way of functionality than the new Samsung software. The new iPhone 5 will also feature an improved version of the Siri software which should push Apple further ahead of Samsung in this department. When Apple introduced the iPhone 4S many consumers wished for a new design but the developers opted to use the same chassis as the iPhone 4 which was launched in 2010. The new Galaxy S3 does feature a new design but one that many people feel is inferior to its predecessor. The phone does not feel as well built as the S2 and it also offers more generic looks that puts it in line with numerous other phones. The iPhone 4 was one of the nicest looking phones ever released and the decision not to change the design was actually no bad thing. Apple pride themselves on their design and when the new handset is launched later this year it is sure to improve on the 4S with high quality metals likely to be used in its construction. This will see the Apple handset appeal to consumers much more than the new Galaxy S3.

One area where the new Samsung Galaxy S3 does impress is in the processing department thanks to the powerful new Exynos 4212 quad core chipset that it incorporates. We do however expect the new iPhone 5 to compare well against this model in this department. The Apple iOS is a very power efficient operating system and we saw with the iPhone 4S that the platform can outperform the majority of Android powered devices. The new model will definitely feature a larger screen along with 4G connectivity and therefore a boost in processing power may well be required. There is some talk that Apple will continue with their use of the A5 chipset although it looks more likely that the model will feature the new A6 architecture. This set up will boast quad cores and should ensure that the new Apple phone is one of the very best for operating speeds.

The launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to have left a void in the smartphone market that needs to be filled. Many people expected the model to be the ultimate mobile smartphone but these expectations proved to be a little high. The phone is very good but it is comparable with other excellent devices like the HTC One X and the Sony Xperia S. If the new iPhone 5 includes many of the features that we expect it may well prove to me the model that everybody was hoping that the Galaxy S3 would be.

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