Friday, October 19, 2012

Nova 3 - A Great New Game For The iPhone 4S

When the original Nova game was launched for the iPhone the impressive title was compared to console based shooting games such as Halo. When the second installment of the Nova series was launched it was obvious that the developers had made an effort to help the game stand out from its rivals by adding more spectacular scenery and faster action. The new NOVA 3 game has been released for the iPhone 4S and for the first time the title puts some distance between itself and similar games by offering one of the best mobile gaming experiences currently available.

The biggest difference that we have noticed between Nova 3 for the iPhone 4S and previous versions is that everything seems bigger. There is a bigger storyline and the graphics are bigger and bolder than ever. Users can enjoy a bigger selection of weapons and the number of enemy's is bigger than ever before. One of the most impressive aspects of this new game is the locations where the action is staged. There are a variety of different locations ranging from disused shopping precincts to underground car parks. A really satisfying aspect of the game is how the scenery is actually damaged and destroyed by your gun fire rather than just the enemy that you are supposed to target. This helps to make the whole experience of playing this game much more enjoyable. Users are not limited to walking around locations either, there are a number of vehicles that can be used and shooting your weapon from one of these is actually great fun.

Nova 3 for the iPhone 4S is a much faster game than any of the previous installments. We are not only talking about the loading speeds but also the gameplay as well. Characters react much quicker to instructions and when you are running around the various level the game delivers an almost console like experience. In terms of graphics it is very difficult to fault the game, there is an immense amount of detail within the title and the dynamic lighting is superb. Users can witness shadows being cast and even heat distortion from the barrel of the gun once some shots have been fired. In between levels there is a military shop which can visited to upgrade your characters equipment. A range of different options are available from explosive packs to enhanced performance characteristics. To purchase these upgrades you need to have accumulated enough in game credit. This is done by progressing through the game and it really does give you an incentive to do well. Alternatively you can choose to purchase extra credit if you find yourself in desperate need of the latest weaponry.

Nova 3 is one the most impressive games we have ever seen on the iPhone 4S. The game delivers superb graphics which are comparable to a games console and the gameplay is superb. For anybody looking for a quality shooting game Nova 3 should be regarded as an essential download.

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