Monday, October 1, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S3, From All Angles

Inside and outside this mobile is beautiful and bold, with an eye-catching design and the very best in mobile performance, you can count on an amazing mobile experience with this Samsung Galaxy S3.

A seamless body with curved edges and a comfortable ergonomic design lets you use this mobile as often and for as long as you like. A comfortable grip and platinum organic form delivers a natural look and feel. Inspired by nature this is the way Samsung wanted this mobile to look and feel, with inspiration from a pebble this phone mirrors just that.

The huge 4.8 Inch HD Super AMOLED touch screen is the main feature when you look at this phone. Drawing your attention in to what is on the inside you can really view everything with quality, clarity and boldness. Video, Images and movies come to life with the quality of graphics, so you can play the main part in your favourite movie or really interact in your favourite games.

The insides are even more incredible with the very best in advanced features and performance. To start this phone is operated by none other than the newest version of Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. With unlimited access to Google Play to download Films, Books, Apps and Games by their hundreds to your phone you can fill up your dull days and enjoy your boring commutes to and from work. Google Mobile Services let you stay in touch, read emails, look up new locations and watch videos even on the go.

A Quad Core Processor ensures that everything works at speed, features load up when you want them to, webpages on the internet load immediately and downloads are on your phone in a flash meaning you can use them almost straight away. Enhancing gaming graphics and bringing multimedia files to life right in front of your eyes you can really enjoy the powerful performance from this Galaxy.

The 8 MP camera lets you take incredible photos and with LED Flash they are always full of colour and life regardless of the conditions when the photos are taken. With even more advanced features your photos can be even more exciting than ever. Best Photo takes a continuous set of 8 photos and them picks out which one it thinks looks the best, so you do not have to keep taking photos until you get one you like.

Not with just the one camera but there is also a front facing camera which allows you to take photos and record HD Videos, so you really can capture things from every angle. Even if you are in the middle of recording and a fantastic photo opportunity comes up, you can snap it without a worry.

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