Monday, October 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 And Apple iPhone 4S - Voice Command Features Compared

When Samsung revealed its new flagship, the Galaxy S3 a couple of weeks ago, many were impressed by its features and it seems to have lived up to its high expectations, given the success of its predecessor the Galaxy S2. One of the most talked about features is the S-Voice feature.

This is a voice activated personal assistant which is similar in nature to Siri, is the voice command system found on Apple's iPhone 4S. In this article I will compare the two, to see how they differ.

Many people are familiar with Siri, as it is one of the flagship features of the wildly popular iPhone 4S. It was the first mainstream voice command system on a smartphone and wowed many people when the handset was launched. The way in which Siri works is actually quite simple. It uses the most appropriate native iOS up to carry out the task. For example if you ask what the traffic is like in a certain location it will use by Google Maps app with its live traffic updates. Of course you will have to be connected to the Internet carry out such functions as the app uses live data from an outside source. The same goes for carrying out Internet searches and inputting URLs to go to a specific website. However, there are plenty of other functions which can be carried out without an Internet connection. For example you can dictate a new text message, create appointments in your calendar and write and send new emails. Also, you can use Siri to control your iTunes, simply by telling its own player a specific song title.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 offers S-Voice, which is a similar feature to Siri, of course, the main difference being that this is optimised for the Android platform rather than iOS. The differences between S-Voice and Siri are actually rather subtle. For example, with S-Voice you activate the feature by saying 'Hi Galaxy', rather than by opening the app manually as with Siri, making it a truly hands free feature. After all, this is the whole point of having such as feature in the first place. Also, you may find that S-Voice operates faster than Siri thanks to faster 3G and Wi-Fi connections, and a more powerful processor which allows the software to respond much faster.

Because Siri uses all native iOS apps to carry out tasks, the chances are that you will find it to be more accurate in its results when using online services. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was only released very recently, and the iPhone 4S has been available for around 8 months and the iPhone 5 is due to be released later this year and will probably see a new generation Siri features added. Choosing between the two comes down largely to your preference for either iOS or Android, as at the end of the day there is very little to choose between the two. Both are very impressive, and when used correctly have the potential to greatly enhance your smartphone user experience.

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